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1-26er's Favorite Weather Links

Last updated 05/02/06
If your favorite weather link isn't listed below, please email me the link. I'll be happy to post it here for everyone to use.

Air Sports Net
Surface Condition Weather Forecasting for Air Sports Aviators.

BLIPMAP Forcasts
Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP. Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist. BLIPMAPs give thermal soaring parameters over a geographic region.

Soaring Weather Reports
This was created by Kevin Ford and provides an adiabatic table for a the location provided.

National Weather Service Home Page
Many regional weather product links.

Regional Analysis and Prediction Branch.

Sounding from MAPS Analyis
Plot the ROAB soundings for a selected location (you can bookmark your location for quick access).

Unisys Weather: Aviation Model Forecasts
Aviation weather sevices.

Winds aloft and soaring forcasts for Southern California
Sorry, but being from Southern California (and flying out of Elsinore), I had to include this one!

DUATS on the Web
Provides immediate on-line access to U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved information.

National Center for Atmospheric Research / RAP Real-Time Weather Data
Provides Satellite, Radar, Surface and Upper Air Conditions as well as Forecast data.