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July 2008


Overall length is 54-1/2 inches. Adapt this length to the towing vehicle.

The towbar in the photos was originally built for a hitch receiver that was for 1-1/4” drawbar, so material has been added to make it fit the current 2 inch hitch at the forward end. The 1-1/4” square tubing is sufficiently strong and stiff for this use.

The special bolt or pin for fastening into the hitch has been modified by making two partially flat sides before drilling in order to make inserting the safety pin easier and possible by “feel” only. The hole is oversize and is beveled on the inside to assist with inserting the safety pin. The safety pin itself is made large and is from large steel wire (piano wire) which aids in handling. It is soft enough and long enough (3-1/4”) to make opening and closing easy.

The large nut welded to the square tubing limits the distance the towbar can be inserted into the receiver which makes alignment of the main pin automatic.

1-26 Attachment:

The “U” to fit the 1-26 tail tiedown hole is made from Ό’ thick 1-1/2” wide steel strap. The inside width is 2-1/8”. The height is 2-3/4”. Clearance between the attach bolt/nuts and the Ό” x 3-1/2” bolt which fastens through the 1-26 tiedown hole must be at least 1-5/8”. Perhaps a bit more would be better. This long bolt is flattened (by filing) on two opposite sides before drilling for the oversized safety pin. The drilled hole is beveled inside. The safety pin shown is about 3” long.

The bolt which holds the “U” to the towbar is medium hardened steel 3/8” x 2-1/2” long. It is rigidly bolted to the towbar using washers as needed under the head to adjust length to suit. The hole in the bottom of the “U” is much oversized (about 1/2”+, perhaps) for a very sloppy fit which allows the “U” to rotate and to lean sideways as the 1-26 wing is lowered on either side. This also makes attaching to the 1-26 easier.

Position of 1-26 When Attached:

The height of the Ό x 3-1/2” bolt through the 1-26 tail tiedown must be very close to 12 inches above the ground when the car is on a flat surface. This should allow the 1-26 skid to clear the ground by about 3 to 4 inches. Adjust to fit depending upon the car’s hitch by bending the towbar near the hitch end. Attention to this is needed in order to avoid dragging the skid when towing on uneven surfaces.

Additional Suggestion for Someday Later:

When recovering an A-D model fuselage, have the mechanic weld a tube large enough to easily accept a 1/4 inch tiedown bolt between the two sides of the tailwheel bracket inside it and in line with the existing holes. This avoids trailering wear of the bracket and makes inserting the tiedown ring or your towbar bolt very easy.

Charles and Jo Shaw (196)