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2002 Lewis J. Neyland Award

The Lew Neyland Award is a new award initiated by John and Luan Walker. It is presented to the 1-26 Association member who, in the previous calendar year, achieved the most badge legs and/or records in a 1-26. The award is in honor of the splendid service provided by Lew Neyland in his role as instructor and mentor, by promoting cross-country, and badge and record flights.

The 2002 winner of the Award is Peter Donath. Pete achieved achieved two badge legs in 2002: Gold Distance and Diamond Goal, and two records: Open and Senior 300k Out & Return Speed Record. In addition, these flights completed his requirements for the Gold Badge, #2378. Congratulations to Pete on his great accomplishments.

Incidentally, but not related to this award, Pete is the spark plug behind the current sports canopy program. It is reported that Pete made these flights "topless."