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2015 Hangman Award

2015 Hangman Award

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the winner of the Coveted Longest single flight in a 1-26 for 2015 based on the 1-26 Sweepstakes scoring system to:

Daniel Sazhin for his flight of 508.52 miles on May 13, 2015 is hereby awarded the Hangman Trophy f or his persistence in accomplishing the flight. The award of a custom Glass etching will be made at the 1-26 Championships in Moriaty. NM.

The flight started and ended near Blairstown, NJ and went to just East of Hancock, MD (138 mi WNW of Baltimore, MD) then to S. Millbrook in the NW. and then he did it all over again to land less than 10 minutes before sunset!

It took just under 11 hours on a great day with both ridge lift & thermals that were not expected this time of year on the course.

Many, many Congratulations to Daniel for his outstanding achievement!

Wayne Walker
Secretary / Treasurer