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1999 Per Ardua Award

The Per Ardua Award is the most prestigious and important award of the Association. It is presented each year to the member making the most noteworthy contribution toward the 1-26 Association.

For the year 1999, the Board elected to award it to Irn Jousma. The beautiful Plaque was presented to Irn at the 1-26 Championships awards brunch on July 27, 2000.

Along with the Plaque, the following framed letter was also presented:

The 1-26 Association 1999 Per Ardua Award
Awarded to IRN JOUSMA

Irn is a tried and true 1-26er. He bought his 1-26E SN 609, in 1974. He went to the Schwiezer factory where he picked it up, and it has been a part of family ever since.

Irn has flown several long distance flights. One great flight, resulted in two 1-26 Records in Region 6. He also is the current holder of the 150km, & 300km out & return speed records, Region 6.

Irn was our President from 1992 to 1994. For the past few years, Irn Jousma has been Chairman of The Rules Committee. He has done an outstanding job, in this hot seat, trying to sort out and put down on paper, all of the ideas on how contest rules should be written. This is not an easy task, but Irn has handled it with calmness, and a smile on his face.

Irn married a young lady named Karena in 1976, The Jousma Family, blossomed, with Tim, Mat & Julie added to SN 609. Karena has provided 100% support to Irn in his 1-26 adventures. She being the Super STAR, that she is, has trained Tim, Mat, & Julie, how to be Sociable, Tenacious, Aircraft, Retrievers. I want to emphasize the word "Sociable", because the Jousma Family is truely a "Socialable" 1-26 family.

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity, to present the Per Ardua Award to Irn, for his long term continued efforts supportting the 1-26 community. I also want to thank Karena, Tim, Mat, & Julie, for all of their support, contributions, and their always fine example, of a 1-26 Family in Action.

Presented on this 27th day of July, 2000 by:
Delbert N. Blomquist
President 1-26 Association