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1996 Per Ardua Award

Per Ardua Ď96 President Bob Hurni announced that Mike Havener was selected as the recipient of the 1996 Per Ardua Award. This prestigious award is presented each year to the member making the most outstanding contribution toward the 1-26 Association.

Del Blomquist, Vice President West, presented Mike with the award after a day of soaring at the Lake Elsinore Soaring Club. Here is the text of the letter accompanying the Award:

This award is recognition for significant contributions to the 1-26 Association. Mike Havener first volunteered his talents in 1993 as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association. His commitment and enthusiasm provided the organization with a firm foundation for continuing itís mission during an especially turbulent period. Subsequently, Mike freely gave of his time and energy as the organization attempted to transition into the world of personal computers. Most recently, Mike has performed yeoman service to the organization by exposing the Association to the World Wide Web. His incorporation of many innovative features into the 1-26 Association Home Page, along with constant and timely maintenance, has made our organization the envy of the soaring community

It is with sincere gratitude that the Association presents this award to Mike Havener for the year of 1996

Presented on this 7th day June, 1997 by:
Robert L. Hurni, President