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2010 Per Ardua Award
Ron Schwartz

One of the highest privileges bestowed to the President of the 1-26 Association is the honor of presenting the Per Ardua Award. It is the most prestigious and important award of the Association. It is presented each year to the member making the most out-standing flight(s) and/or other noteworthy contribu-tion toward the promotion of the 1-26 and the 1-26 Association. Provision is made for awards to Senior members and to Junior (under 21 years of age) members. The Executive Board selects the persons to be recognized.

These awards were initiated in 1965 and pre-sented to William B. Cleary of Oklahoma City and Jeffrey Yund, Jr., of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Bill was the first pilot to achieve all three of his Diamonds in a 1-26. Jeff Yund gained recognition by qualifying for his Diamond Altitude leg and breaking the Colorado Junior State Altitude Record with a 29,100-foot flight at Black Forest. At the time of his flight in 1965, Jeff was only 14 years of age.

I had the honor and privilege of presenting the 2010 Per Ardua Award to my friend Ron Schwartz at the 1-26 Association Annual Meeting held during the Championships at Bermuda High Soaring School in South Carolina. Ron received a certificate and a plaque which read:

The 2010 Per Ardua Award

The highest award of the 1-26 Association is hereby presented to

Ron Schwartz

For Outstanding Dedication and Service to the Goals of the 1-26 Association, and by demonstrating the performance potential of the 1-26 with an outstanding flight of 961 kilometers.

Jeff Daye,