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1-26 Association Service Award – The Per Ardua Award


Presented in 2007 to Norm Miller and Lisa Sergent




            “The Per Ardua Award is the most prestigious and important award of the Association.”  It is presented each year for noteworthy contribution toward the promotion of the 1-26 and the 1-26 Association.  The Executive Board selects those to be recognized.  The three vice-presidents for 2007 felt strongly that this award should be presented to both Norm Miller and Lisa Sergent for their immense and untiring efforts on behalf of the Association during their tenure.


            When Norm took the reins as president in 2005, he possessed a lot of energy, but did not have significant background in Association affairs.  When he passed the torch to Kevin Anderson in 2008, his strong and devoted leadership forwarded a vibrant organization in remarkably good fiscal condition, without raising dues or other assessments.  He outlined in writing the duties and events-time-table for the incoming president.  Plans were in place for the 2008 Championships.  By-laws had been brought up-to-date.  The Association had an outstanding Newsletter editor.  Membership reflected a surge in 1-26 interest.   After languishing for years, Sweepstakes took off.  Digital turnpoint verification matured at the Championships.


            Equally important is painstakingly accurate maintenance of membership and fiscal records.  For four years, Lisa volunteered to efficiently and quietly keep track of these in her “spare” time while also holding down a demanding full-time job.  She turned the office of Secretary-Treasurer over to Beverly Beckwith in December in excellent condition, and helped get Beverly off to a good start on an extremely time-consuming and demanding job.


            Both Norm and Lisa reflect the finest tradition of service to the 1-26 Association.