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Per Ardua Award
Year 2006
Kevin Ford and Jay McDaniel

The Per Ardua Award is the most prestigious and important award of the Association. It is presented each year to the member or members making the most outstanding contribution toward the promotion of the 1-26 and the 1-26 Association.

The Per Ardua Award for 2006 is presented to both Kevin Ford and Jay McDaniel specifically for their work and effort to revitalize and sustain the 1-26 Sweepstakes program. While the Sweepstakes was in the past a popular program recent events in technology have allowed the Sweepstakes program to falter down to just 40 flights in the past few years. Many called for us to abandon the Sweepstakes. Instead of giving up Kevin Ford developed a computer scoring program and Jay McDaniel supervised the implementation of this program. Their incorporation of many innovative features has simplified the Sweeps program and in one soaring season they were able to increase the Sweeps flight to over 240 flights. Their efforts have returned the Sweepstakes to a popular cost-effective flying program for the competitive 1-26 pilots.

It is with sincere gratitude that the Association presents this award to Kevin and Jay for the year of 2006

Norm Miller,