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Per Ardua Award
Year 2005
Robert Spielman

With several nomination this year we have awarded the 2005 per ardua to ...

Mr. Robert Spielman
Reno, NV

Great flying is all about attitude and spirit. The per ardua is presented this year to a pilot that encompasses both great attitude, a positive sharing spirit and solid aviation accomplishments in the 1-26 Association. His volunteer efforts have enhanced the 1-26 community and helped new pilots with the sport, as well as his individual achievements in the 1-26.

Bob Spielman's contributions to the 1-26 community include:

  • An active history of 1-26 camaraderie and encouragement to others. Bob's enthusiasm and encouragement extends from flying 1-26s for fun and earning badges to promoting cross-country flying. He has dedicated an enormous amount of his time providing buddy flying and encouraging other pilots to fly cross-country.
  • Always out flying the 1-26. Bob has hundreds of hours in the 1-26 and he enjoys flying the glider. In addition to local and cross-country flying, he has pioneered wave distance and altitude flights. During 2005, Bob flew 9 wave flights which included flights up to 8 hours and he accumulated over 2500 km during these flights.

His extensive accomplishments in piloting a 1-26 glider #555 include:

  1. Diamond Distance
  2. Diamond Badge
  3. Diamond Altitude
  4. 8.3 hours duration
  5. 439 statute miles or 702KM
  6. A flight to 30,000 in a 1-26.

Bob is a superb pilot and mentor. Still he enjoys flying the 1-26 for fun.

Thanks to Bob Spielman for his contribution to the 1-26 community and his pioneering flights in wave conditions.

Norm Miller,