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Per Ardua Award
Year 2003
Vern Frye

The 1-26 Association hereby awards its most prestigious award to Vern Frye for his outstanding dedication and service to the 1-26 Association and its members over a period spanning 36 years. Vern began flying 1-26s in 1967 at the Air Force Academy. He earned all of his diamonds in the 1-26, the 21st pilot to do so. He holds Region 11 straight-line distance and goal records of 325 miles and the 200 Km speed triangle at 37.8 mph. Vern currently owns 549.

As a glider instructor, Vern carries his 1-26 enthusiasm into his flight training. After solo in the 2-33, his students regularly fly the 1-26 in their second glider solo flight. In the past 20 years he has taught more than 200 new pilots and has soloed over 500 students in the 1-26. He informs his students that the 1-26 is appropriate for local flying, as well as badge and record attempts, including diamond badges.

Vern has served as President of the Nevada Soaring Association for more than 17 years. In that capacity he also demonstrates his enthusiasm for flying 1-26s for fun and badge flights, especially promoting cross-country flying. The Nevada Soaring Association hosted the 1-26 Championships in 1984

As a token of our appreciation and an expression of our respect, the Executive Committee of the 1-26 Association hereby awards Vern Frye the 2003 1-26 Association PER ARDUA AWARD.

Clayton W. Vickland, President ________________________________________Date: July 17, 2003