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2001 Per Ardua Award

Doug Levy Awarded Association’s Highest Honor

Doug Levy, known as ‘Hangman” among the Southern California 1-26 pilots, was awarded the Per Ardua Award, the 1-26 Associations highest honor, for the Year 2001. Doug has been flying gliders only since 1996 having been converted from hang gliders. In the same year, he purchased 317 and in 1997 began working on his SSA badges and completed all three diamonds in his first year. He was awarded the H. Marshall Claiborne Trophy (see photo to the left) in 2001 for the longest straight line flight of 327.2 miles, and he made two additional diamond distance flights in 2001. Doug hopes to break Harry Baldwin’s record flight of 432.2 miles. Go for it Doug. We’ll be watching and cheering.