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1998 H. Marshal Claybourn Memorial Trophy

Charles W. Shaw has won the 1998 H. Marshall Claybourn Trophy for the longest straight line distance flight in a 1-26. On June 20, he flew from the Hobbs, NM Industrial Airpark (site of the 1999 1-26 Championships) in a northeast direction to Stafford Field in Weatherford, Oklahoma for a distance of 322.77 miles. This is the 10th time Charles has won this award, even though itís been 10 years since the last time. Every one of those 10 flights exceeded Diamond Distance, and three of those exceeded 400 miles! This makes Charles the undisputed King of long distance 1-26 flying. Congratulations, Charles!

His flight story appears in the Sept/Oct 1998 1-26 Newsletter.

Kevin Ford (#157)
1-26 Association Record Keeper