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1997 H. Marshal Claybourn Memorial Trophy

The winner of the 1997 H. Marshal Claybourn Memorial Trophy is James E. Hard, for a 238.5 mile flight made on August 4 from Stanton Minnesota.

The H. Marshal Claybourn Memorial Trophy is awarded to the 1-26 Association Member making the longest straight-distance flight in a 1-26 during the year. The flight must be documented with a barograph.

"That crummy flight won?" was Jim's ecstatic response learning that he had won the award.

It may be modest compared to his 360 mile winning flight in 1996 or his fabulous 413 mile flight in 1990, but flying 238 miles in a 1-26 from the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes (and Ten Thousand mosquitos) is quite an achievment.

Conratulations, Jim!

Kevin Ford
1-26 Association Record Keeper