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1995 1-26 Championship Results

1-26 Champion, Dan Mockler received the Marion C. Cruce Trophy from President Bob Hurni.

Team Champions, Dan Ladd and Gary Dickson received the Bob McNeill Memorial Trophy.

The Central Vice President, Mark Keene, received the Presidents Trophy for the fastest speed on an Assisgned Task.

Pat Tuckey received the Davis C. Johnson Memorial Trophy "First Timer's Award".

Luan Walker received the Virginia M. Schweizer Trophy for highest finishing Feminine Competetor.

Jim Walker received the Old Toad and Buzzard Trophies for highest finishing competitor over 70 yearsof age, and oldest competitor respectively.

Photography by Mark Keene.

Trophy Winners and Place Winners

1995 1-26 Champion - Marion C. Cruce Memorial Trophy.
Dan Mockler

Second Place - Second Place Plaque.
Mark Keene

Third Place - Third Place Plaque.
Key Dismukes

1995 Team Champions - Bob McNeill Memorial Trophy.
Dan Ladd and Gary Dickson

Second Place Team - Second Place Plaques.
Lois Frank and Bob Carton

Third Place Team - Third Place Plaques.
Daron Drown and Brian Bell.

The Presidents Trophy (Fastest Speed on an Assisgned Task).
Mark Keene

David C. Johnson Memorial Trophy (First Timer's Award).
Pat Tuckey

Virginia M. Schweizer Trophy (Feminine Competitor Award).
Luan Walker

John P. Greene Memorial Trophy (Under 30 years of age).
Joe Walter

Old Goat Trophy (Over 60 years of age).
Lois Frank

Old Toad Trophy (Over 70 years of age).
Jim Walker

Buzzard Trophy (Oldest Competitor).
Jim Walker