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2020 H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Trophy

It's time to make if official:

Folks, please doff your hats and give a big cheer to Dan Nezgoda, who has won the 2020 H. Marshall Claybourn Trophy. It only took Dan until June 11th to make his award winning flight. Taking off from Moriarty, NM, he headed NE and ended up just short of Ulysses, KS, 297.16 straight line miles from his start point.

His competition early in the year1 consisted of four other 1-26ers who briefly held on to the trophy as the flights got longer and longer. Coming in second place, Jim Neff's attempt of 254.90 miles came the same day as Dan. The other three didn't break 100 miles before Dan clinched the title.

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Congratulations, Dan

Ron Schwartz,
1-26 Association Record Keeper

Click here to download the IGC flight data or click the image below to view the flight using Google Earth.