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2019 H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Trophy

Hey everyone,

It won't be official until Jan 15th , but unless someone had a flight no one knows about, congratulations will go to James Neff. For the second year in a row he has captured the 2019 H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Trophy.

The July 13th flight originated just over the mountains to the south of Lone Pine Airport in California and ended 8:31 hours and 236.20 miles later near the Austin, NV airport.

The runner-up pilots this year were Dan Nezgoda with a 217.87 miler out of Moriarty, NM and Doug Levy whose 159.32 mile flight started Inyokern, CA.

Nice going, Jim, and congratulations to all who gave it a try.

Ron Schwartz,
1-26 Association Record Keeper

Click here to download the IGC flight data or click the image below to view the flight using Google Earth.