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2014 H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Trophy

As Bob Root would say, the sun just set over the yard arm, so it's time for a cocktail. And today it also signals the end of the official time limit on submiting claims for the Claybourn Trophy. Not much happened most of the first half of the year as far as serious straight out distances were concerned. There were as couple of good flights, but they didn’t fit the straight out requirement. But June usually heralds the beginning of the cross country season out west and this year was no exception. For those who were following the trophy battle, it was a cliff hanger.

Early in each of the typical four x-c months, June to September, two of the Association’s best would make a flight that caught our attention. On June 7th, Garry Dickson led off with a strong flight of 294.8 miles. A month later on July 5th Doug Levy mounted an impressive challenge that came within a mile of Garry at 294.0. So close, but no cigar. Another month passed then Doug captured the lead with a performance that broke the 300 barrier by soaring 309.7. As September rolled around Doug was still holding on, but that didn’t discourage Garry from trying to knock him off the number one spot. Sept 7th turned out to be his day as he logged 312.77 miles from Inyokern, CA to Eureka, NV. There were no more long flights and Garry became the 2014 H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Award winner.

Congratulations Garry.

Ron Schwartz,
1-26 Association Record Keeper

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