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The 2010 1-26 Association Championships

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2010 Championships Flier

Robin Fleming and Frank Reid Ken Ekman Frank's Fire Dept Family Affair

The 2010 1-26 Championships have recently wrapped up at Bermuda High Soaring School in Jefferson, SC.

Monday, May 31, the first practice day was rained out.

Tuesday, June 1, the second practice day allowed most 1-26'ers to fly locally for at least a couple of hours. The best flight of the day was turned in from Ken Ekman, #160, who flew and completed the PW-5 task! The PW-5 National Championships are running concurrently with the 1-26 Championships as it has for the past 3 years or so.

Wednesday, June 2, the first contest day had CD Rick Sheppe calling a Turn Area Task from Bermuda High to Hartsville, Camden, and return. Three pilots finished the task by getting high and working a fairly narrow lift band between about 4,700 - 3,500 msl. Key Dismukes (flying Kevin Anderson's #192) won the day at 24.1 mph for 60.3 miles. Your author came in second at 20.8 mph for 52 miles, and Ken Ekman (#160) third at 17.8 mph for 44.5 miles. After several memorable retrieves, everyone was back at the field and assembled safely.

Thursday, June 3, we gridded late and launched around 2:15 p.m., but it soon became evident with 100 fpm lift to 2,100 agl that a task was not possible so CD Sheppe cancelled the task. Some pilots landed immediately to head to the hotel pool, and some stayed aloft to fly locally for an hour or so.

Friday June 4's weather did not allow even the attempt at a task. The grid waited as long as possible, but with bands of altostratus moving over the contest area every 40 minutes or so, soaring conditions could not be maintained long enough for a safe and fair task.

Even though Saturday, June 5, looked promising earlier in the day, blow off from a huge thunderstorm in the SW corner of North Carolina helped to cool soaring conditions in the Contest area in mid-task. Best flight of the day was turned in by Bob Hurni #190, who managed 22 miles in very difficult conditions. Your author made a start along with Ron Schwartz #480 and Charles Cook #153 at about 4,300 MSL, made about 8 miles out on course and penetrated into the first cylinder, and then was barely able to get back to Bermuda High for a 'landout' back at home base. There were some great landout stories away from the airport, but to a person the pilots have reported friendly and helpful landowners in the upstate of South Carolina. Many 1-26'ers and most PW-5's landed out Saturday. Not enough competitors made minimum distance to generate a valid contest day.

Pilots attended another great cookout at the field night sponsored by Bermuda High (grill fire and Frank Reid's personal fire truck demonstration notwithstanding)! Allan Silver gave a great presentation on emergency bailout procedures (Canopy, Belts, Butt!!) and his line of Softie parachutes.

Sunday promises better soaring conditions, but with the approach of a weak cold front the winds aloft are picking up. Tasking a fair and safe contest continues to be a challenge for CD Rick Sheppe.

Sunday June 5 looked great, with the exception of the local pine trees bending and swaying in the breeze. After 4 out of the 7 PW-5's landed back at BHSS for relights, and with measured winds aloft at 26 knots, CD Sheppe waited as long as possible but finally cancelled the 1-26 task for safety reasons. The PW-5 task was cancelled shortly afterwards.

With frontal passage in the wee morning hours of Monday, better conditions are expected for the next three days. We have to have at least TWO more contest days to have a contest!

By the way, all contestants send best wishes to the past Association President Kevin Anderson who underwent surgery last week. Kevin is following the contest closely on-line while on the mend, and we wish him a speedy recovery and return to the cockpit. Kevin, rest assured that your #192 is in VERY capable hands with Key Dismukes- first place for 5 days in a row!

Finally, some good weather! After frontal passage, the Monday June 6 forecast was for 5,000+ agl thermals with tolerable winds aloft. CD Rick Sheppe called a Turn Area Task from Bermuda High to Kirk Airbase with 8 mile radius, and Anson Co. with 23 mile radius. Many great flights were turned in for the day, but the best of the class -again - was Key Dismukes flying Kevin Anderson's borrowed #192. Key smoked the field for 87.1 miles at 27.6 mph. Your author came in second - again - and Ken Ekman #160 placed third - again.

Bill Vickland had an interesting retrieve. While loading #238 back into its enclosed trailer, a couple who drove by the wheat field where Bill landed stopped to offer their help. When they backed to the side of the road, they unknowingly ran over 238's aft canopy! The canopy had the approximate shape of a Pringle potato chip when seen by your author. Being the consummate A&P mechanic, Bill was able to gently persuade the Lexan and aluminum of his aft canopy back into shape for the next day's flying. Weather looks good again for Tuesday so hopefully we get another day in, making a valid contest.

What turned out to be the last competition day, Tuesday, June 8th, saw CD Rick Sheppe calling a Turn Area Task for Bermuda High, Camden, Branhams, and return. The min distance of 43.2 mi., max distance of 163.1 mi, and nominal distance of 96.4 miles beckoned contestants with the promise of high, fast, far flights!

The task started out great, with 4-5 knot lift to 6,000 ft msl (about 5,400 agl). Many pilots had no problems getting inside the first Turn Area. However, about half way through the course, a high stratus layer moved in shading most of the region. Most who were planning to go deep into both cylinders for max distance (including your author) quickly decided to cut short their routes in hopes of somehow making it home. Everyone that is, except for Key Dismukes who decided he should go ahead and fly deep into both cylinders despite the overcast. His decision to press on in the face of adversity allowed him to once again smoke the field by flying 70.6 miles at 28.2 mph. His flight was truly amazing, out distancing the rest of the field by over 20 miles and out pacing the field by nearly 10 mph! Key Dismukes won all three contest days and truly deserves the title: 2010 1-26 Champion. CONGRATULATIONS, KEY! Way to go!

Wednesday, June 9, turned into a no-contest day due to fairly strong winds aloft, although many valiant attempts were made to fly the Anderson Impossible Modified Assigned Task, none were successful. More on this later!

With three valid contest days, another great 1-26 Championship meet is in the books! Look for a complete write-up coming to the 1-26 newsletter soon, but here's a brief final look at the 1-26 Championships from Bermuda High Soaring School, Lancaster, SC June 2-9, 2010.

A very special 1-26 THANKS to Bermuda High Soaring, Frank and Jayne Reid, the line staff and tow pilots, CD Rick Sheppe, Scorer Thomas Pressley, and weatherman in-absentia Ward Hindman. Thanks to the competitors who make this annual gathering so special. Also, thanks to Jorge and Cameron Hernandez from Atlanta, Steve Statkus from Cincinnati, and Jeanne and Graham Pitsenberger from northern Virginia for stopping by to learn more about our Association and to observe the Championships.

A great contest, a great location, great friends, great fun, and a great CHAMPION!

The 2010 Awards:
Marion C. Cruce Award:Key Dismukes
Old Goat Trophy:Key Dismukes
Old Toad Trophy:Marvin Willis
Old Buzzard Trophy Marvin Willis
Bob McNiell/Fred Cuny Memorial Team Trophy:Cathy Williams & Marvin Willis
Presidentís Trophy:Key Dismukes (28.2 mph)
David C. Johnson Memorial Trophy:Kenneth Ekman
Turtle Award:Milt Moos (16.7 mph)
Yardstick Award:Bob Hurni (6.6 miles)
Ruler Award:Bill Vickland (0.56 miles)
Spiffy Award:097 (Owner, Marvin Willis)

Not awarded this year:
Virginia M. Schweizer Trophy and John P. Greene Memorial Trophy

See photos here:

Jeff Daye, #039