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Photos by Ralph Farra

2009 1-26 Championships Rules

Well, we finally finished the 2009 Championship Rules. No major changes.

Here's a summary:

1.1 - Changed to allow the possibility of "special" tasks, e.g. Harris Hill 1998 last day.

5.1 - removed FTP (final turn point). With the finish cylinder, a FTP is no longer needed.

5.3, 5.4 - wording change only.

6.3 - Changed so that "normally" tows at 2000'. For safety reasons, or to reach a local "hot spot", tows may be higher depending on the location.

7.4 - removed last 6 words.

7.5 - To use a penalty start, the pilot must have a fix within 1 mile of the start cylinder. Now, the penalty zone is the same as for turn areas.

8.1 - Stipulate that left turns are to be made in the tiny MAT cylinders also (just like when we had photo turnpoints).

9.1 - Reworded, and allows flexibility in determining the location of the finish cylinder. Emphasize that there is no minimum altitude (and the CD cannot change that).

10.4 - Removed reference to gaps in the flight log (see the new 10.5)

10.5 - Added wording for track logs with no altitude data, and wording about gaps in the log (underlined for emphasis). Gaps in either the track data or altitude data will not incur a penalty, but see 13.1-13.4.

13.1-13.4. Tun area and penalty zone credit will only be given if an actual GPS fix lies inside. No "line between two fixes", which could pose problems if there are long gaps in the flight record.

That's it!

Kevin Ford (#157)
Rule Committee Chairman

The Albuquerque Soaring Club and the town of Moriarty, New Mexico, are pleased to welcome back the 1-26 National Championship Soaring Contest. Like the previous time we hosted the “Champs”, we are generating a full schedule to keep our competitors and their support teams busy when they are not racing across the Land of Enchantment. We will once again visit the Wild West Park, where we will have an authentic Chuck Wagon Meal and be entertained by Syd Master’s and the Swing Riders. You will not want to miss Syd, so bring your western duds and enjoy a night of good food, good fellowship and country swing.

Additionally, the Southwest Soaring Museum is planning an evening among the “collection” as well as we will have a “Steak Fry” at the airport. We plan to have some open times to allow contestants to blow off some steam in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Madrid (where the movie “Wild Hogs” was filmed). Of course when you are not relaxing (which usual degrades into telling lies) and eating, we will expose you to some of the best flying you will ever experience. Those that have flown here before are chomping at the bit to once again race among some awesome thermals and occasional wave as they compete to be the best 1-26 pilot in the World.

The contest starts with practice on the 22nd of June with racing to start on the 24th. (The contest will end on the first of July.) We are currently arranging contest pricing for accommodations and I should have these “nailed” down by the 1st of February. The contest is limited to 40 contestants, so get your entries in fast. Our Contest Director, Mitch Hudson, is planning to test your flying skills with some exciting tasks. This is one contest you don’t want to miss. If you have any questions, address them to me, Bob Hudson, at or 505-507-6332. There will be more info for you in next month’s newsletter. Hope to see you all in Moriarty at this year’s contest.