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2014 SSA Convention, Reno, Nevada, February 27 to March 1, 2014

Here is 026 after completing the initial setup on Wednesday afternoon in the convention's main exhibition hall.  The 1-26 Association folks had already hung their traditional banner touting the virtues of owning and flying a 1-26, especiallly cross country.

Here is a closer shot that includes the main visual information poster my wife had made as a birthday present for this event.  The upper images show some of the restoration progression with the large image showing the final results.  This now holds a spot on my home office wall.

Here is opening day as I started a walk around to get in all the display stands that had been put up by the association to highlight how much fun 1-26 pilots and crews have.  The wing in the foreground is a brand new one for the LK-10A owned by Dean Granwell.  Magnificent workmanship.

Continuing the walk around.  The poster on the left depicts Harry Baldwin's 432 mile record flight with a listing of the significant events won by Harry over the years he owned 026.

More association posters.

Last of the association posters.

On Thursday there was the 1-26 Association luncheon that was obviously well attended.  Association President, Wick Wilkinson, is giving his welcoming speech before some of the awards presentations that have been reflected in the discussion group.

Here is the 1-26 Association booth at one of the rare moments when it wasn't manned by someone who could answer questions of the conventioneers.

Left in the red shirt is Del Bloomquist (VP West)  talking with Wayne Walker (Secr./Treas.) with Harry Baldwin heading out to attend one of the many excellent presentations sponsored by the SSA.

Keep an eye out in Soaring magazine for the next convention and make sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss it, especially if it is in your general area.  Well worth the trip.

Posted:  3/17/14
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