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2001 H. Marshall Claybourn Memorial Trophy

I am pleased to announce that Doug Levy is the winner of the 2001 H. Marshall Claybourn Trophy. On July 21, he flew from Parowan, Utah to Arimo, Idaho for a distance of 327.21 miles. Congratulations Hangman!

Kevin Ford (#157)
1-26 Association Record Keeper

Thank you Kevin, the others that and have send me congradís, and the 1-26 association. I had a great year of soaring fun. I want especially thank all the pilots, crews and friends of skid row at Warner Springs. It is this group that inspires x-c fun.

I encourage everyone to practice their cross country skills and to encourage and advise other 1-26 pilots. This is a great organization and these old gliders are safe,challenging, and very rewarding to fly.

May you all achieve your soaring goals.


Doug, Jo and I want to publicly send our congratulations to you for winning the H. Marshall Claybourn Trophy for 2001! Our very best wishes to you for coming successes in all your soaring endeavors in the future as well.

For the rest of this list, you should know that Doug made THREE flights in 2001 which exceeded Diamond Distance. If his winning flight had not captured the Claybourn Trophy, it appears that either of his next two longest flights might have. To the best of our knowledge, no pilot has ever before made three 1-26 flights over 311 miles in one season.

Once moreóWell Done, Doug!

Chares and Jo Shaw (196)

Congratulations Doug:

Your flights, all three of them, are great reminders to the sceptics who believe they canít use the 1-26 as a cross-country machine. Keep up the great flights, and use your experiences to encourage the new pilots in your area that regardless of what type of flying they want to do, and what type of machinery they want to fly in the future, the 1-26 is not only a great machine to learn cross-country flying, it is so much fun, that they may just keep it. You prove once more that it is not only the safest glider to learn in, it is a great ship to fly cross-country in.

Bill Vickland