GENERAL: This agreement is between The Soaring Society of America, Inc., herein referred to as SSA, and the 1-26 Association.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this agreement is to define the relationships between the SSA and the 1-26 Association as a Division thereof and to set forth the obligations and responsibilities of each to the other.

CONDITIONS: SSA and the 1-26 Association do hereby agree to the conditions set forth herein, as follows:

A. SSA hereby designates the 1-26 Association as the sole organization to administer competitions, records, and other functions or events associated solely with the Schweizer 1-26 sailplane.

B. The 1-26 Association agrees to abide by the rules governing Divisions of the SSA as specified by the SSA Bylaws, Article II, Section 4.

C. The 1-26 Association will maintain at least 67% of its membership as SSA members and strongly encourage all its resident members to become SSA members.

D. For the purpose of establishing the percent of 1-26 Association members who are SSA members, the membership count will be taken effective March 31 each year.

E. As a Division of SSA the 1-26 Association will remain autonomous and shall retain its present identity. Further, the 1-26 Association shall operate under its own bylaws; shall determine its own budget; shall collect and disperse its own funds, including those collected from its own members, gifts from individuals and organizations, and income from advertising and other revenues from its activities.

F. The SSA and the 1-26 Association shall mutually encourage membership support of each organization for the other through all available means.

G. The 1-26 Association shall make available to SSA detailed financial statements annually, which shall include the disposition of all funds that SSA has appropriated to the 1-26 Association. SSA shall make available to the 1-26 Association its annual financial statements.

H. The 1-26 Association shall indicate on its letterhead and in its "Newsletter: and "The 1-26 Log" its affiliation with SSA, as follows: "A Division of the Soaring Society of America, Inc." SSA shall indicate on its letterhead and in its publications the affiliation of the 1-26 Association with SSA by listing the 1-26 Association along with other Divisions or Affiliates of SSA.

ORGANIZED CONTACT: The Chairman of the SSA Member Relations Board and the President of the 1-26 Association shall be the contact point for the respective organizations for the purpose of maintaining close liaison.

AFFILIATION FEE: The 1-26 Association shall pay to SSA annually an affiliation fee in the amount of $1.00, such fee to be paid on or before June 30, and shall continue such payments so long as the 1-26 Association remains a Division of SSA.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This agreement shall become effective upon acceptance by the Board of Directors of SSA and the Executive Board of the 1-26 Association. This agreement shall remain in effect until revised or amended by mutual agreement, or terminated by action of either organization upon six months prior notice to the other organization, or as specified in the SSA Bylaws.

LIABILITY: This agreement shall not in any way whatsoever make either party liable for the debts or obligations of the other.


SSA Board of Directors on 2-11-78
1-26 Association Executive Board on 4-17-78

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