1-26 Championships Host report

A Report from 1997 Championship Headquarters

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It's only a few months away folks and we've got some great things planned for you this time. Of course the weather is guaranteed and the tasks will be both challenging and enjoyable. We take great pleasure in announcing Charlie Spratt will be the CD. (Ed Shilen, the CD announced in the last issue of the newsletter, talked Charlie into doing the CD job, so Ed is now helping in other areas) Aside from being the best contest director around Charlie is fun to be with and is a pleasure to know. He is firm when firmness is required. He is always a listener and when action is required, he does not hesitate. He makes good decisions and stresses the two fundamental parts of our championships - HAVE FUN AND FLY SAFE!

In addition I would like to introduce our Championship manager, Bick Umphress. Bick has been soaring for quite a few years, has flown lots of cross-countrys, and has worked many jobs in local and world contest. He knows how to organize a contest and make it work! He will be a fine host for us this year. Thanks Bick!

Oh, yes....the '97 rules are now hot off the press, so make your plans to attend now. An application was included in the last newsletter. Mail it in with 50 bucks, and we will hold your position and mail you advanced stuff (motels, turnpoints, SSA sanctioned contest application forms, 97 rules and more).

Entry fee is the same as last year, $325. Contest dates are: July 30 through August 6.

TSA is located 30 miles south of Dallas, Texas (8 miles south of Midlothian) on the soft rolling prairie where folks are friendly and the green, and soft brown terrain is a positive hot bed of thermal breeding land of farms, ranches, and small communities. Not that you would ever need to meet the local country residents, but should you be extremely unlucky and be forced to visit one of their large long freshly mowed runway-like pastures, you will be treated like the special guest that you are.

Marvin Willis, Old Goat #13
Pre-Championship Manager
713 Waggoner Dr.
Arlington, Texas 76013
(817) 461 0404