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1999 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

The magic number was 3.

Everyone who turned in at least 3 flights qualified for an award this year. Several others would have received awards had they turned in just one more flight. We got much better participation from the East this year with Kevin Ford (118.71 miles) taking 1st place in the Gold category, and Jayne Reid (215.61 miles) taking 1st place in the Silver category followed by Jeff Daye (129.56 miles) (both of whom out flew the Gold winner).

There were no Central division submissions in the Bronze or Silver category, but a very tight race for Gold category had a total mileage spread from 1st to 3rd place of less than 12 miles. Charles Shaw (618.52 miles) finished 1st followed by Jim Hard (613.14 miles) and Kathleen Winters (606.99 miles). Kathleen had the longest flight for the division (263.45 miles) and set a new feminine distance record in the process.

The West had several entries in Bronze and Silver, but only Joedy Gregory (423.15 miles) had enough flights to qualify. Joedy won 1st place in the Silver category. The Gold category was won by Doug Levy (777.46 miles) followed by Garry Dickson (708.04 miles) and George Powell (428.02 miles). Doug’s longest flight was 333.56 miles, the only Diamond Distance length flight submitted this year.

Happy Soaring,
Rich Gillock

Eastern Division

Central Division

Western Division

Gold 1st Kevin Ford 1st Charles Shaw
2nd James Hard
3rd Katheen Winters
1st Doug Levy
2nd Gary Dickson
3rd George Powell
Silver 1st Jayne Reid
2nd Jeff Daye
No Flights Submitted
1st Joedy Gregory
Bronze No Pilots Qualified
No Flights Submitted
No Flights Qualified

For the miles flown see the attached PDF file.