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1998 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

The magic number this year was 1. There was a lot of activity this year including the first sweepstakes winners from the Eastern Division in several years. Kevin Ford was uncontested in the new Gold Category, and Jayne Reid was also uncontested in the Silver Category. Kevin managed to submit flights from all three divisions this year and finished in the top 3 in both the East and Central Divisions.

Charles Shaw dominated the Central Division Gold Category with 2 diamond distance flights and 3 more over 239 miles long. Jim Hard was second and Kevin Ford was third.

The Western Division was the only one with entries in all three categories. Doug Levy flew another Diamond Distance flight, the longest of this year’s Sweepstakes at 329.65 miles, to win the Gold Category. George Powell was second with Garry Dickson just a few miles behind in third place. The Silver Category was won by Pete Donath. The Bronze Category was won by Bill Tisdale.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted flights in the Sweepstakes this year. For 1999, the goal is to get participation in all categories of all the divisions. Fly safely, and have fun.

Rich Gillock

    Eastern Division

  • 1st Jayne Reid

  • 1st Kevin Ford
  • Central Division

  • 1st Charles Shaw
  • 2nd James Hard
  • 3rd Kevin Ford
  • Western Division

  • 1st Bill Tisdale

  • 1st Peter Donath

  • 1st Doug Levy
  • 2nd George Powell
  • 3rd Gary Dickson

For the miles flown see the attached PDF file.