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The Association's goal is to foster the helpfulness, the camaraderie, and the opportunity for head-to-head competition that is found in One Design groups in sailing. It is an organization of people who share the common ideal that soaring should be fun, not frantic - people who include pilots, families, crews and others who are interested. Membership is open to everyone. Owning a 1-26 or being a pilot is not required. Soaring is exciting, it's relaxing, it's challenging, and it's fun - we know the 1-26 is the most fun. We'd like to have you join the 1-26 Association. Annual dues for individuals are $20.00 and family members at the same address are $5.00 each. For informationon joining the 1-26 Association, click on the information listed below, or contact the Secretary / Treasurer. Contrails Software & Consulting Logo Contrails Software & Consulting ®

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2020 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

From the COVID pandemic to the dry wildfire plague in the West we all know how crazy 2020 was. Even so, many pilots escaped the lunacy by socially distancing in their glider when and where they could. 85 flights were submitted by 17 pilots in 2020. We did see four new pilots log flights in the Sweeps.

Ron Schwarz added to his collection of Diamond Class Eastern Division first place finishes with an impressive 1,310.57 miles in 2020. His total was the best of 2020 in all divisions and beat 2019's best from Jim Neff by... just over HALF A MILE! Paul Leal took second place in the East with 593 miles. Andrew Askwith was the only competitor in the Central Division with 462 miles. In the Western Division Garry Dickson took first with 729 miles and Jim Neff was the only other pilot to claim flights in the smoky west with 515 miles.

Diamond West
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Garry Dickson 729.26 SM 4 255.45 SM
#2 Jim Neff 515.05 SM 4 263.73 SM

Diamond Central
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Andrew Askwith 462.76 SM 6 117.55 SM

Diamond East
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Ron Schwartz 1,310.57 SM 20 261.18 SM
#2 Paul Leal 593.18 SM 8 149.72 SM

In the Gold Class, the only entry in the Western Division was Lane Decker with 650 miles bettering his 2019 first place win of 584 miles. Dan Nezgoda took the Central Division first place with the longest logged flight of the year, a 325 mile straight out Diamond distance flight from Moriarty. When I asked him about his landing 9 minutes after local sunset he said he had battery operated marking lights. Maybe we all need to look into how he's done that! Newcomer Lance Grace took second place with 204 miles and Stephen Layton logged a 67 mile flight for third place. Steve Beer dominated the Eastern Division once again with 1,195 miles and Dan Nezgoda took second with a single logged flight of 45 miles.

Gold West
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Lane Decker 650.71 SM 4 188.47 SM

Gold Central
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Daniel Nezgoda 696.07 SM 4 325.89 SM
#2 Lance Grace 204.31 SM 4 80.79 SM
#3 Stephen Layton 67.24 SM 1 67.24 SM

Gold East
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Steve Beer 1,195.75 SM 10 248.08 SM
#2 Daniel Nezgoda 45.26 SM 1 45.26 SM


In Silver Class, Steve Barry continued as the only entry in the West Division, logging 664 miles. First place in Central Division was taken by Pete Vredenburg with a single flight of 144 miles. Second went to Dan Bryan with 130 miles and third went to newcomer Trever Perkins with 117 miles. Jeff Daye's flight of 51 miles was the only entry in the Eastern Division.

Silver West
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Steve Barry 664.66 SM 7 163.03 SM

Silver Central
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Pete Vredenburg 144.86 SM 1 144.86 SM
#2 Dan Bryan 130.61 SM 3 49.41 SM
#3 Trever Perkins 117.36 SM 2 61.44 SM

Silver East
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Jeff Daye 51.79 SM 1 51.79 SM


We only had two pilots enter the Bronze Class in 2020. Tyler Hockenberry flew three flights out of Hobbs in the Central Division for a score of 161 miles. William McHeffey flew two flights out of Blairstown for a total of 83 miles. Congratulations to the both of them AND to the folks that mentored them for those flights and got them into the Sweeps!

Bronze Central
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 Tyler Hockenberry 161.42 SM 3 64.06 SM

Bronze East
Pilot Best 6 Total # Flights Longest
#1 William McHeffey 83.19 SM 2 45.23 SM


2021 is looking to be a great recovery year. Let's get out and fly as much as we can and enter those flights in the Sweepstakes. And, as I do each year, I want to encourage as many members as possible to mentor an up-and-coming 1-26 pilot and get them to flood me with Sweepstakes flights!

Thanks to all who entered flights in the craziest of years. Let's look forward to a safe and fun 2021 in our 1-26's!

-Sheriff Jay