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2018 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

2018 showed a slight improvement over 2017. 95 flights were submitted by 17 pilots. Considering the wildfires that devastated the West there were some good flights. It seems that only Jeff Daye logged flights from the Championships. That needs to improve in 2019!

The Diamond Class was led by Hangman with 1784 scorable miles, followed by James Neff moving up from the Gold Class with 1676 and Garry Dickson with 1081, all in the Western division. Cap'n Zap (aka Jimmy Zapata) logged another flight this year! Andrew Askwith was the only pilot who logged Central Division flights in Diamond Class besting his 2017 showing with 298.12 miles. Superstar Ron Schwartz had an off year of logging Sweeps flights taking second in the East Division behind Paul Leal's winning 437.71 miles.

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 1,784.84 Miles
#2 James Neff 1,676.61 Miles
#3 Garry Dickson 1,081.66 Miles


Diamond Central
#1 Andrew Askwith 298.12 Miles


Diamond East
#1 Paul Leal 437.71 Miles
#2 Ron Schwartz 210.95 Miles


In the Gold Class, the Western Division once again had the only entries with stalwart Lane Decker coming in first with 338.68 miles and Bill Tisdale returning to the Sweeps with two Tonopah flights in Tweety totalling 135.69 miles.

Gold West
#1 Lane Decker 338.68 Miles
#2 Bill Tisdale 135.69 Miles



In Silver Class, Steve Barry continued as the only entry in the West Division with a total of 820 miles for 2018. Stephen Layton was the only entry in the Central Division with his flight of 84 miles. Sweeps newcomer Steve Beer won the East Division this year with a total of 350.81 miles in only two flights. His first flight was a Gold distance flight so he will be moving up to Gold Class next year. Way to go! Jeff Daye logged flights from the Championships to take second with 318 miles and Daniel Nezgoda logged a 42 mile flight for third.

Silver West
#1 Steve Barry 820.95 Miles


Silver Central
#1 Stephen Layton 84.21 Miles


Silver East
#1 Steve Beer 350.81 Miles
#2 Jeff Daye 318.99 Miles
#3 Daniel Nezgoda 42.23 Miles


The Bronze Class welcomed Dale Briscoe to the Sweeps with his flight of 37.02 miles in the Central Division.


Bronze Class
#1 Dale Briscoe 37.02 Miles



2018 was an "ok" year especially considering the smoked-out skies from wildfires in the West and rain elsewhere. We welcomed two new pilots to the Sweeps, Dale Briscoe and Steve Beer. That's great! Keep logging them this year, too. Again I encourage all members to mentor a new 1-26 pilot and get them to log any Sweepstakes flight. It is SO simple to log your Sweeps flight after entering your OLC flight! If there is anything we can do to make the process easier, let me know.

To all who did participate this past year, Great flying! Let's be sure to have a safe and fun 2019 in our 1-26's!

-Sheriff Jay