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2016 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

Once again I am running late and it's time to get this summary out !

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

The weather in 2016 seemed to take its toll on the overall number of flights but there were more flights this year than last year. 170 flights were logged by 27 pilots this year as opposed to 153 flights by 29 pilots in 2015. So I guess it was a similar year. Of course the highlight of the entire season was Daniel Sazhin's amazing 1000K flight back in May. From the detailed planning through the amazing execution it will stand as a landmark 1-26 flight for many, many years. Another awesome job, Dan!

Dan ended up taking second place in the East Division in Diamond Class behind the ever-competitive Ron Schwartz. Ron took first place in TWO Diamond divisions with his stellar performance at the Championship meet in Moriarty giving him first place in the Central Division as well.

Out West, Hangman Levy continued his lead with a third year in first with a total of 1,715 miles and Garry Dickson held onto his 2014 and 2015 second place finished by flying 1,554 miles in 2016, exactly 100 more miles than in 2015. George Powell returned to third with 495 miles. Good participation in the West, as usual.

In the Central Division, as mentioned above, Ron Schwartz took first place while Bob Hurni used his 5th place Championship placing to gain second place in the Sweeps. Andrew Askwith held on to third place from last year, bumping his total miles from 371 miles in 2015 to 522 miles this past year.

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 1,715.54 Miles
#2 Garry Dickson 1,554.66 Miles
#3 George Powell 495.16 Miles


Diamond Central
#1 Ron Schwartz 955.15 Miles
#2 Bob Hurni 767.51 Miles
#3 Andrew Askwith 522.17 Miles


Diamond East
#1 Ron Schwartz 1,817.82 Miles
#2 Daniel Sazhin 1,570.97 Miles
#3 Paul Leal 815.13 Miles


In the Gold Class, Western Division, James Neff continued his first place standing from 2015 with 1,257 miles, nearly twice what he flew in 2015. Lane Decker and Tom McMullen swapped places from 2015 with Lane flying 919 miles, nearly tripling his 2015 miles. Tom dropped back a bit from 2015 with 537 miles in 2016. The Central Division had a good showing with Ken Ekman taking first with 867 miles up from his 2015 total of 168 miles. Jim-Bob Slocum joined the Sweeps and took second place here with 778 miles. Once again the Eastern Division only had one Gold flight logged and that was by Gus Johnson once again for 208 miles.

Gold West
#1 James Neff 1,257.51 Miles
#2 Lane Decker 919.41 Miles
#3 Tom McMullen 537.75 Miles


Gold Central
#1 Ken Ekman 867.79 Miles
#2 Jim-Bob Slocum 778.76 Miles


Gold East
#1 Gus Johnson 208.96 Miles


In Silver Class, Jeff Daye used his 3rd place Championship flying to take first in the Central Division with 670 miles. Pete Vredenburg and Dan Bryan took second and third places with totals of 581.71 and 85.81 miles respectively. Robert Herren was edged out of first place in the East Division when Dan Nezgoda rejoined the 1-26 world. Dan flew 329 miles in four flights. Robert Herren doubled his total flights from 2015 and totaled 98.84 miles. Steve Barry stepped up from Bronze Class and was the only entry in the West Division racking up a respectable total of 832 miles.

Silver West
#1 Steve Barry 832.74 Miles


Silver Central
#1 Jeff Daye 670.47 Miles
#2 Pete Vredenburg 581.71 Miles
#3 Dan Bryan 85.81 Miles


Silver East
#1 Dan Nezgoda 329.40 Miles
#2 Robert Herren 98.84 Miles


In the Bronze Class, newcomer Kristin Farry's flights at the Championships earned her first place in the Bronze Division. Hope to see many flights logged by her in 2017! There were no Bronze flights logged in the West or East Divisions.


Bronze West
No Entries 0.00 Miles


Bronze Central
#1 Kristin Farry 341.14 Miles


Bronze East
No Entries 0.00 Miles


I think 2016 was an average Sweepstakes year. Weather may have been a factor but sometimes I think that's just an excuse. Daniel Sazhin's 100k was certainly epic. As I have said many times, I implore each of you avid 1-26 pilots to take a newbie under your wings and get him/her headed towards cross-country flight. The minimum distance for a Sweeps flight is Silver Distance. It is a great step in the education of a glider pilot towards longer cross country flights and it's so simple to log your Sweeps flight after entering your OLC flight! To all who did participate this past year, Great flying!
And once again, yours truly didn't get to log even a modest/dismal Sweeps flight in 2016. :( Let's have another safe and fun year of 1-26 flying in 2017!

-Sheriff Jay