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2013 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

The 2013 1-26 Sweeps are over and dust from the controversies have settled. Time to get this summary out !

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

As I closely predicted last year, Daniel Sazhin had an awesome year. He captured the Diamond Class Sweeps in the East Division and was a close second in the Central Division with his Championship winning performance at Moriarty! Unfortunately, yours Truly didn't get to log even a modest/dismal Sweeps flight in 2013 but I retire this November so look out! Again, thanks go to Chukar for his timely reports on the Sweeps and OLC !

Here are the full results:

In the Diamond Class, Garry Dickson had a stellar season, logging one of the best flights ever in a 1-26 at 424 miles scored by the Sweepstakes software. Hangman Levy flew his usual long flights for a very respectable second place and veteran George Powell came back to the Sweeps standings in third place. In the Central Division Jim Hard retained the title with a great set of flights with Daniel Sazhin taking a close second, giving him a good run with his Moriarty performance. Bob Hurni returned to the roster with an excellent set of flights at Moriarty and a nice long flight from Aguila. Daniel Sazhin logged the third highest number of miles in the overall Sweeps to take first in the Eastern division. Ron Schwartz flew fewer miles in the past but took second place with the fourth highest number of Sweeps miles. Paul Leal logged a good number of flights to keep up the pressure in the East and take third place..

Diamond West
#1 Garry Dickson 2,077.12 Miles
#2 Doug Levy 1,851.99 Miles
#3 George Powell 448.91 Miles


Diamond Central
#1 Jim Hard 833.72 Miles
#2 Daniel Sazhin 770.13 Miles
#3 Bob Hurni 648.74 Miles


Diamond East
#1 Daniel Sazhin 1,344.54 Miles
#2 Ron Schwartz 1,287.02 Miles
#3 Paul Leal 828.12 Miles


In the Gold Class, Western Division, Lane Decker and Tom McMullen continued their First and Second place standings with each of them logging nearly twice as many miles as in 2012. THAT is what the Sweeps is about! Progress !! Kevin Ford won the Central Division once again and was the only Central entry in Gold Class. Gus Johnson and James Angelou also maintained their First and Second standings with flights in the East.

Gold West
#1 Lane Decker 1,015.99 Miles
#2 Tom McMullen 700.20 Miles


Gold Central
#1 Kevin Ford 344.26 Miles


Gold East
#1 Gus Johnson 680.37 Miles
#2 James Angelou 296.87 Miles


Ken Ekman took first place in the Central Division for the last time because he will be moving up to Gold Class in 2014. Keep moving up Ken! Pete Vredenburg came in Second in Central Division and will be the one to watch this next year. Robert Herren moved up to Silver this year and won the East Division.

Silver West
No Entries 0.00 Miles


Silver Central
#1 Ken Ekman 879.26 Miles
#2 Pete Vredenburg 459.50 Miles


Silver East
#1 Robert Herren 182.42 Miles


Steve Whiting maintained his First place position in the West by logging more than five times as many miles as in 2012. Another good story of progress inspired by the Sweeps. Steve Barry joined the ranks with a single Second place flight showing that logging flights is as important as flying them !! It was disappointing to see no Bronze entries for the other two divisions.


Bronze West
#1 Steve Whiting 319.09 Miles
#2 Steve Barry 31.25 Miles


Bronze Central
No Entries 0.00 Miles


Bronze East
No Entries 0.00 Miles


2013 was a good Sweepstakes year but it could have been much better. I challenge each of you avid 1-26 pilots to take one newbie under your wings and get them headed towards cross-country flight. The minimum distance is Silver Distance. Let's see how many newbies we can get in 2014! It's so simple to log your Sweeps flight after entering your OLC flight! To all who did participate, Great flying!
Let's have another safe and fun year of 1-26 flying in 2014 !

-Sheriff Jay