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2012 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

The 2012 1-26 Sweeps are over.

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

It was another very good Sweepstakes year! We had full participation in all divisions and all classes but one. Rookie Daniel Sazhin nearly captured the entire Silver Class with his remarkable flights. Many of you met Daniel at the National contest and nobody was surprised that he also won the Kolstad Scholarship this year. Watch out for him. Yours Truly got to log another modest/dismal Sweeps flight! Thanks go to Chukar for more timely reports on the Sweeps than I have been able to post!

Here are the full results:

In the Diamond Class, Hangman Levy, Garry Dickson, and Chukar Spielman once again led the pack in the West with Hangman continuing to hold the title. In the Central Division Jim Hard regained the title with a great set of flights. Andrew Askwith came up from the Gold Class to take second and Charles Shaw flew consistently for third place. Ron Schwartz blew away the Eastern Division and flew more than twice the distance as the previous year! Paul Leal and Kevin Anderson also logged a good number of flights to put on the pressure in the East.

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 1,538.17 Miles
#2 Garry Dickson 1,445.28 Miles
#3 Bob Spielman 351.60 Miles


Diamond Central
#1 Jim Hard 1,083.91 Miles
#2 Andrew Askwith 950.63 Miles
#3 Charles Shaw 678.47 Miles


Diamond East
#1 Ron Schwartz 2,709.97Miles
#2 Paul Leal 894.73 Miles
#3 Kevin Anderson 405.57 Miles


In the Gold Class, Western Division, Lane Decker moved up from Silver Class and took the lead from Tom McMullen who still logged more distance than he had the previous year. Kevin Ford won the Central Division with nearly 1,000 miles logged again this year. Gus Johnson won the Eastern Division by logging nearly 8 times the distance he had logged the year before. James Angelou also moved up from Silver Class and took second place in the East.

Gold West
#1 Lane Decker 617.37 Miles
#2 Tom McMullen 373.06 Miles


Gold Central
#1 Kevin Ford 932.48 Miles


Gold East
#1 Gus Johnson 973.11 Miles
#2 James Angelou 562.38 Miles


Ken Ekman and Daniel Sazhin shared the top two places in the Central and Eastern Divisions with Daniel taking first in the East and Ken taking first in Central. Glenn Fisher moved up from the Bronze Division and rounded out the Silver Division winners taking third in the Central Division.

Silver West
No Entries 0.00 Miles


Silver Central
#1 Ken Ekman 631.39 Miles
#2 Daniel Sazhin 545.11 Miles
#3 Glenn Fisher 229.11 Miles


Silver East
#1 Daniel Sazhin 1,187.87 Miles
#2 Ken Ekman 48.13 Miles


I was disappointed in the Bronze Class participation this year as far as new folks flying but those who entered flew some great flights. Robert Herren tripled his miles in the East Division. We need more mentors helping new folks fly, log and enjoy cross country flights in their 1-26's! It's so simple to log your Sweeps flight after entering your OLC flight!


Bronze West
#1 Steve Whiting 56.23 Miles


Bronze Central
#1 Stan Blanton 227.70 Miles


Bronze East
#1 Robert Herren 436.04 Miles


2012 was a strong Sweepstakes year. I am particularly pleased at how many of you logged more hours of flights than in the previous year. Several did so while moving up to a higher Sweepstakes Class! Great flying!
Let's have another safe and fun year of 1-26 flying in 2013!

-Sheriff Jay