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2011 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

The 2011 1-26 Sweeps are over.

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

It was a very good Sweepstakes year! For the first time since 2008 we had full participation in all divisions and all classes. Garry Dickson had an outstanding Claybourn Trophy flight and Yours Truly got to log a modest (ok, dismal, but at least there was one!) Sweeps flight! Special thanks to the mentors that helped Bronze participants fly and log some of their first cross-country flights. Here are the full results:

In the Diamond Class, Hangman Levy, Garry Dickson, and Chukar Spielman led the pack in the West with Hangman continuing to hold the title. In the Central Division Charles Shaw triumphed over Jim Hard with a great set of flights. Ron Schwartz dominated the Eastern Division but Paul Leal entered a couple of flights and we saw a new entrant, Catherine Williams, log some flights. Of special note, Bob Hurni flew and logged Sweeps flights in all three Divisions. I can't wait til I retire and can travel to fly like that!

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 1,789.58 Miles
#2 Garry Dickson 1,614.94 Miles
#3 Bob Spielman 616.00 Miles


Diamond Central
#1 Charles Shaw 921.56 Miles
#2 Jim Hard 729.32 Miles
#3 Bob Hurni 32.73 Miles


Diamond East
#1 Ron Schwartz 1,279.65 Miles
#2 Paul Leal 326.53 Miles
#3 Catherine Williams 149.40 Miles


In the Gold Class, Western Division, Tom McMullen was the sole participant with his flights from Tehachapi. Andrew Askwith once again won the Central Division with over 1,000 miles logged this year. Jason Arnold won the Eastern Division with his single flight and Gus Johnson logged a flight for second place.

Gold West
#1 Tom McMullen 319.29 Miles


Gold Central
#1 Andrew Askwith 1,094.13 Miles
#2 Kevin Ford 782.20 Miles


Gold East
#1 Jason Arnold 214.34 Miles
#2 Gus Johnson 120.13 Miles

Lane Decker, Dan Bryan, Pete Vredenburg, Ken Ekman, James Angelou and Jeff Daye were the Silver division participants this year and turned in some great flights.

Silver West
#1 Lane Decker 457.90 Miles


Silver Central
#1 Dan Bryan 314.07 Miles
#2 Pete Vredenburg 295.05 Miles


Silver East
#1 Ken Ekman 249.02 Miles
#2 James Angelou 107.75 Miles
#3 Jeff Daye 33.50 Miles

I was exceedingly pleased with the Bronze Class participation this year! We obviously had some mentors helping new folks fly, log and enjoy cross country flights in their 1-26's. Great job to all! Hope to see all of you log Sweeps flights in 2012.


Bronze West
#1 Steve Whiting 117.60 Miles
#2 Robert Branch 47.09 Miles


Bronze Central
#1 Stan Blanton 228.02 Miles


Bronze East
#1 Robert Herren 140.42 Miles
#2 Daniel Sazhin 49.78 Miles
#3 Glenn Fisher 40.01 Miles

The primary goal of the Sweepstakes is to increase participation in cross country flights and get them logged at ALL levels, but especially the beginners at the Bronze level. 2011 was a very successful year meeting this goal.


Safe and fun flying in 2012 !

-Sheriff Jay