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2010 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

The 2010 1-26 Sweeps are over.

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

This year's results showed a (temporary) downward trend of participation and distances compared to previous years. The interest is there from folks who have participated from year to year and enjoy the special 1-26 competition to be found in The Sweeps. Here are the results:

In the Diamond Class, Hangman Levy and Chukar Spielman battled it out in the West with Hangman regaining the title. Jim Hard took the lead in the Central Division beating his total miles from last year with another series of great straight out flights. Ron Schwartz dominated the Eastern Division but was pushed hard by new Diamond level contestant Paul Leal. Way to go guys!

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 1,667.26 Miles
#2 Bob Spielman 962.24 Miles
#3 Garry Dickson 638.90 Miles


Diamond Central
#1 Jim Hard 967.31 Miles
#2 Charles Shaw 145.54 Miles
#3 Joann Shaw 108.63 Miles


Diamond East
#1 Ron Schwartz 2,287.05 Miles
#2 Paul Leal 1,073.25 Miles


In the Gold Class, the Western Division was again empty of representation. Andrew Askwith won the Central Division and Gus Johnson won in the East. Kevin Ford again pushed the competition in both Central and Eastern Divisions.

Gold West
No entries -- Miles


Gold Central
#1 Andrew Askwith 601.97 Miles
#2 Kevin Ford 301.84 Miles


Gold East
#1 Gus Johnson 733.00 Miles
#2 Kevin Ford 679.23 Miles
#3 Paul Seifried 273.92 Miles


Lane Decker, Dan Bryan, Ken Ekman and Jeff Daye were the Silver division participants this year and turned in some great flights.

Silver West
#1 Lane Decker 312.83 Miles


Silver Central
#1 Dan Bryan 76.45 Miles


Silver East
#1 Ken Ekman 371.52 Miles
#2 Jeff Daye 341.64 Miles


Richard Healy in the Eastern Division was our sole Bronze division participant this year. Good job! Hope to see you again in 2011.


Bronze West
No entries -- Miles


Bronze Central
No entries -- Miles


Bronze East
#1 Richard Healy 72.10 Miles


The primary goal of the Sweepstakes is to increase participation in cross country flights and get them logged at ALL levels, but especially the beginners at the Bronze level. This will work best if as many 1-26 pilots as possible make a decision to mentor somebody in the Bronze category and make them fly and record their flights in 2011. We need to promote and share the FUN of flying a 1-26. It's difficult enough to fly cross country in glass. It's amazing in a 1-26!
Safe and fun flying in 2011 !

-Sheriff Jay