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2008 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

Another excellent year for the 1-26 Sweeps !

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

Thanks to your support and prodding of several pilots my goal of filling every region and category was met! There were some very interesting flights this year. Blake Seese in the Bronze West category caused Kevin to modify the scoring program by logging 2 valid Sweeps flights in one day. Jeff Daye took first place in two categories, Silver Central and Silver East. Nearly every pilot beat his miles from the previous year. I processed 171 flights from 29 pilots. That was a 26% increase in Sweeps pilots submitting flights. Way to go folks!

Here now are the 2008 1-26 Association Sweepstakes winners:

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 2,163.72 Miles
#2 Bob Spielman 1,735.22 Miles
#3 Garry Dickson 1,553.13 Miles

In the Diamond division, Doug Levy smoked the West setting a new Sweepstakes record total of 2,163 miles. Go HangMan ! 2x4 and Chukar kept up the pressure with their usual impressive flights. Chukar had the longest Sweeps flight of 454 miles early in the year.

Diamond Central
#1 Jim Hard 1,153.79 Miles
#2 Charles Shaw 934.48 Miles
#3 Jo Shaw 375.62 Miles

In the Diamond Central Class, Jim Hard earned the Claybourne Trophy with his May flight of 354.34 miles. Wow!

Charles and Jo Shaw continued to log impressive flights and battled it out for the second and third places.

Diamond East
#1 Ron Schwartz 931.43 Miles

Back East, Ron Schwartz dominated the Diamond Class and kept all others at bay. If you think he's slacking off, check out his first entry in the 2009 Sweeps. The bar has been set HIGH for 2009!

Gold West
#1 Joedy Gregory 607.56 Miles

Joedy had fun in the Owens Valley this year and racked up some good flights to dominate this division.

Gold Central
#1 Kevin Ford 756.19 Miles
#2 Andrew Askwith 418.44 Miles

Kevin Ford again dominated the Gold Central Class when he wasn't modifying the SOAR interface for the Sweeps ! Andrew moved up from Silver category and made some impressive flights.

Gold East
#1 Paul Leal 864.74 Miles
#2 Gus Johnson 742.29 Miles
#3 Kevin Anderson 144.03 Miles

Paul Leal and Gus Johnson battled it out head to head all season. For some great entertainment load both of their flights from 22 October into SeeYou and follow them on the ridge. What fun !

Silver West
#1 Lane Decker 643.04 Miles
#2 Robert Stone 178.28 Miles

Lane swept the Silver West Class for the second year in a row with his flights in the Owens Valley and other places out West ! Rob Stone came up from Bronze division and showed he could still have fun in the 1-26!

Silver Central
#1 Jeff Daye 365.25 Miles
#2 Dan Bryan 352.70 Miles
#3 Tom Barkow 304.69 Miles

Jeff Daye grabbed first place this year with his flights. Perrenial participant Dan Bryan tripled his distance from last year to hold on to second place in a very tight competition. Tom Barkow was close behind in third place.

Silver East
#1 Jeff Daye 275.09 Miles
#2 James Angelou 153.39 Miles
#3 Robert Janney 129.26 Miles

Jeff placed first here also. I wish I could fly in as many places as he did. Two newcomers, James Angelou and Robert Janney filled out this division with their flights. Welcome guys ! Hope to see you again in 2009.


Bronze West
#1 Blake Seese 459.67 Miles

My good friend Blake did great in the Bronze West division. I hope his taste of glass this year doesn't keep him from continuing to fly Tweety for FUN !!!!

Bronze Central
#1 John Wallin 46.15 Miles

John Wallin entered the the Bronze Central division and walked away with first place. See folks? The fun is there just in entering and logging your flights!

Bronze East
#1 Jason Arnold 229.87 Miles

Welcome to Jason in the Bronze division with a VERY respectable flight. Keep them coming !

I am more than satisfied with the Sweeps for 2008. It was a very good year. I would encourage ALL 1-26 pilots to mentor somebody in the Bronze category and make them fly and record their flights in 2009. As well as filling all categories once again let's get First, Second and Third places filled in the Bronze division. We need to shart the FUN of flying a 1-26. It's difficult enough to fly cross country in glass. It's amazing in a 1-26!

Safe and fun flying in 2009 !

-Sheriff Jay