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2007 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

Yes, it was another fun year for the 1-26 Sweeps !

(full Sweepstakes standings and flights)

The addition of the Diamond Class put some great competitors together this year. I processed 185 flights from 23 pilots. Kevin Ford continued to improve the automated SOAR program that nearly eliminated my work. The flights were automatically entered into the web page with the data totalled in the proper category. And there were some incredible flights !

So, without further ado, here are the 2007 1-26 Association Sweepstakes winners:

Diamond West
#1 Doug Levy 1,810.92 Miles
#2 Garry Dickson 1,102.80 Miles
#3 Bob Spielman 1,059.31Miles

In the Diamond West, Doug came back with avengeance and smoked the West earning the Claybourn Trophy along the way. Go HangMan ! 2x4 and Chukar kept up their usual activity and turned in impressive flights.

Diamond Central
#1 Charles Shaw 1,072.99 Miles
#2 Jim Hard 495.30 Miles
#3 Jo Shaw 220.88 Miles

In the Diamond Central Class, Charles Shaw kept up his strong flying to take first place. Jim Hard and Jo Shaw had a slower year than in 2006 but still gave Charles a run.

Diamond East
#1 Ron Schwartz 693.66 Miles

Back East, Ron Schwartz dominated the Diamond Class and kept all others at bay. But look out in 2008 !

Gold West
#1 Ian Cant 497.14 Miles

Ian dominated the Gold West Class with a good series of flights exploring the Tehachapi area !

Gold Central
#1 Kevin Ford 669.19 Miles

Kevin Ford dominated the Gold Central Class when he wasn't programming the SOAR interface for the Sweeps !

Gold East
#1 Paul Leal 860.85 Miles
#2 Kevin Anderson 750.06 Miles
#3 Gus Johnson 543.02 Miles

Great flights from the ridges Back East from Paul Leal and Kevin Anderson. Gus Johnson nailed 3rd once again nearly doubling his mileage from 2006. Kevin Ford was just 21 miles short of placing in the East Class, too !

Silver West
#1 Lane Decker 406.76 Miles

Lane swept the Silver West Class for the second year in a row with his flights in the Owens Valley and other places out West !

Silver Central
#1 Andrew Askwith 559.04 Miles
#2 Dan Bryan 111.40 Miles
#3 Dave Piotrowski 102.95 Miles

Andrew jumped from 3rd last year to 1st this year while Dan held on to 2nd and Dave P rounded 3rd with only two flights.

Silver East
#1 Jeff Daye 422.84 Miles
#2 Chip Johansen 206.37 Miles
#3 John DeNaples 65.00 Miles

Jeff and Chip again placed 1 and 2 in the Silver East class. Chip again did his miles in ONE FLIGHT ! John DeNaples placed 3rd by recording one flight also. This just shows you should enter any of your flights to get on the Sweeps tally board !


Bronze West
#1 Rob Stone, Jr 610.33 Miles
#2 Cal Tax 485.53 Miles

It was great to see the Bronze category nearly filled up this year. Very respectable miles turned in by all participants.

Bronze Central

No Bronze flights were submitted from the Central region. I hope the mentoring that was obvious last year can be re-started in 2008 to fill this category.

Bronze East
#1 Ken Ekman 229.87 Miles

Ken showed how to stretch those wings in the Bermuda High area. We should see many more flights from him next year if the trend keeps up. Let's see some Bronze mentoring in the other Eastern soaring sites in 2008!

It was once again a very successful Sweepstakes competion and I thank all of you for sending in your flights. My goal for 2008 is to fill all three places in every region and category. I think it will be possible with the continued support of several mentors at several airfields ! Keep up the enthusiasm !

Remember that you can only compete in the Bronze Category for 2 years and then you will need a minimum of a Silver Distance flight to compete in the Silver category or above. It looks to me like all of this year's Bronze flights would have qualified for Silver distance. So, in 2008, enter your Sweeps flights and send the flights to SSA to get your badges !

Safe and fun flying in 2008 !

-Sheriff Jay