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2006 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

Wow ! What a great year for the 1-26 Sweeps !

I processed 237 flights from 21 pilots to come up with the 148 flights eligible for this year's competition. Another 16 flights were submitted in the Just For Fun Category. Large thanx go out to Kevin Ford for the automated SOAR program that cut my work drastically so these flights could be more quickly and easily scored.

Now, without further ado, here are the winners:

West Gold
#1 Garry Dickson 1,308.78 Miles
#2 Mike Wills 1,298.61 Miles
#3 Bob Spielman 1,185.58 Miles

Amazing distances brought to you by the Sierra Wave!

Central Gold
#1 Jim Hard 1,206.63 Miles
#2 Jo Shaw 1,107.67 Miles
#3 Charles Shaw 1,049.01 Miles

The battle between the Shaw’s and Hard continued this year as flights were submitted and scores were tallied, Jo and Charles swapped places several times and in the end... Jim came out ahead! Way to go, Jim! Jo's straght out flight of 356 miles was excellent and helped contribute to her tally !

East Gold
#1 Ron Schwartz 792.69 Miles
#2 Irn Jousma 520.07 Miles
#3 Gus Johnson 340.02 Miles

Great flights from the ridges Back East. Gus' 3rd place score came from ONE FLIGHT !

West Silver
#1 Lane Decker 692.15 Miles

Lane kept busy this year flying in the Owens Valley and other places out West!

Central Silver
#1 Norm Miller 531.17 Miles
#2 Dan Bryan 465.29 Miles
#3 Andrew Askwith 304.48 Miles

Dan and Norm battled back and forth during the year with many flights. For most of the year it was a closer competition than this final score shows. Go Prez!

East Silver
#1 Jeff Daye 415.25 Miles
#2 Chip Johansen 354.38 Miles

Jeff travelled around the North Carolina mountains to rack up his miles. Chip did his miles in ONE FLIGHT !

West Bronze
#1 John Robertson 914.31 Miles
#2 Rob Stone, Jr 485.53 Miles

It was great to see the Bronze category nearly filled up this year. Very respectable miles turned in by all participants.

Central Bronze
#1 Neal Palmquist 647.12 Miles
#2 Tom Barkow 540.47 Miles
#3 Kevin Renshaw 230.43 Miles

Great flights in the Central region. Several mentors helped to get these flights accomplished and logged.

East Bronze
#1 Jonathan Leal 341.95 Miles

Jonathan was another Easterner to turn in a SINGLE FLIGHT for his Bronze entry. Keep it up and you'll be leading the Sweeps every year!

All in all a very successful Sweepstakes competion and I thank all of you for sending in your flights. My goal for 2007 is to fill all three places in every region and category. I think it will be possible with the continued support of several mentors at several airfields ! Keep up the enthusiasm! And remember this year we will have a new Diamond category to spread out the competition.

Safe and fun flying in 2007!

-Sheriff Jay