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2004 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

And the winner is…

Friends, Romans, 1-26ers, lend me your ear! It is time to announce the winners for the 2004 sweepstakes contest! First of all, let me say that it was another stellar year for the sweepstakes, and I imagine will be the last year for the “Old style” written application form. I will be turning the sweeps over to the capable hands of Sheriff Jay with the Las Vegas Valley Soaring Association. I am retiring as Sheriff so that I can concentrate on not only putting on a great nationals in beautiful Moriarty this year, but to attend Air Force flight training as well. They are going to pay me to go fly, can you believe it?!?! So, without further ado, here they are!

West Gold
#1 Doug Levy 1,742.00 Miles
#2 Gary Dickson 1,602.90 Miles
#3 Mike Wills 1,289.00 Miles
Honorable Mention
George Powell 619.90 Miles
Bob “Chukar” Speilman 512.00 Miles

AMAZING stats for the Skid Row boys this year, way to go guys!

Central Gold
#1 Jim Hard 1,075.72 Miles
#2 Charles Shaw 690.31 Miles
#3 Kevin Ford 462.12 Miles
Honorable Mention
Joann Shaw 326.11 Miles

WOW the battle between the Shaw’s and Hard really intensified this year as flights were submitted and scores were tallied, Jim came out ahead! Way to go, Jim!

East Gold
#1 Ron Schwartz 68.60 Miles

Way to go and represent the East, Ron!

Central Silver
#1 Dan Bryan 164.59 Miles
#2 Norm (Da Prez) Miller 42.5 Miles

Dan, a new participant this year really cleaned up silver. Way to go, Dan!!

East Silver
#1 Dave (Alphabet) Piotrowski 303.41 Miles

Dave, congrats on really representing back East for the guys back there. Way to step up to the plate!

Unfortunately, there were no bronze flights this year, but hopefully we can get a more energetic participation this year as I am going to personally encourage each and every flight that is submitted to the OLC be submitted to the sweepstakes. This will show us “How we are doing” not only against ourselves, but the rest of the world as well!!

-Sheriff (One last time)