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2003 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

Let me start off with this number; 9,704. This is the total amount of miles flown by Sweepstakes participants this year! HOLY COW FOLKS!!! Now for some more numbers. There was a total of 20 participants this year who accomplished this. For the first time in Sweepstakes history, there will be an award giving out for EVERY CATEGORY in EVERY REGION, except for Eastern Gold. (Schwartz, Vickland, you guys are on my S**t list for ruining what could have been a perfect record!)

I would like to thank all of you who participated this year. It has really shown what the 1-26 can do. I see a lot of new names on the following list that I haven't seen before, which is fantastic! I hope that we can make it even bigger and better next year! I will be stepping down as Sheriff next year and letting Norm Miller have a crack at it, as I will be busy preparing for the '05 championships, but will still be involved with the sweeps in a very active way. (So don't think you can escape if you don't submit your flights!) Once again, thank you all for making this such a great year. Now, without further ado, here are the results. I have included everyone who participated as there are no losers in the Sweepstakes, there are just some who don't get a trophy! For those who did not, I promisee you they had a heck of a lot of fun in the process.

-Sheriff Mitch

Eastern Division

Central Division

Western Division

Gold You bunch of slackers! No flights reported. 1st Jim Hard - 1,018.01 miles
2nd Charles Shaw - 812.05 miles
3rd Jo Shaw - 789.41 miles
4th Kevin Ford - 280.03 miles
1st Doug Levy - 1,408.20 miles
2nd Garry Dixon - 1,216.38 miles
3rd George Powell - 853.60 miles
4th Bob Hurni - 360.00 miles
5th Bob Spielman - 251.4 miles
6th L Dave Cunningham - 192.00 miles
7th Del Bloomquist - 64.70 miles
Silver 1st Kevin Anderson - 157.50 miles
2nd Jeff Daye - 90.20 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)
1st Norm Miller - 317.40 miles
2nd Mitch Hudson - 297.50 miles
3rd Dan Bryan - 188.42 miles
1st Mitch Hudson - 34.10 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)
Bronze 1st Dave Piotrowski - 51.60 miles
2nd Matt Harris - 43.20 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)
1st Tom Barkow - 370.10 miles
2nd Neal Palmquist - 361.70 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)
1st Mike Wills - 863.00 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)