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2002 1-26 Sweepstakes Results

This was a good year for the Sweepstakes with 14 pilots submitting 53 flights for a total of 8176 miles. Two flights exceeded diamond distance this year. The longest flight was flown by Garry Dickson, a 356.76 mile zig-zag course from Parowan, UT to Afton, WY. Charles Shaw made a 345.08 mile straight out flight from Hobbs, NM to Stanton County Airport, KS.

The Magic Number for 2002 was four, with five pilots who did not qualify because of insufficient flights submitted. Of those, John De Naples and Jim Hayes only submitted a single flight in 2002, Kevin Anderson submitted one flight in the East and one in Central, while Steve Whiting and Dan Bryan only submitted two flights each.

For a complete report and list of miles flown see the attached file.

Eastern Division

Central Division

Western Division

Gold (No qualifying flights submitted) 1st James Hard - 998.97 miles
2nd Charles Shaw - 865.83 miles
3rd Joann Shaw - 489.78 miles
1st Garry Dickson - 1124.36 miles
2nd Doug Levy - 932.56 miles
3rd George Powell - 669.45 miles
Silver 1st Jeff Daye - 317.21 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)
(No one submitted a minimum of 4 flights) 1st Pete Donath - 369.31 miles
(There were no other entries in this category)
Bronze (No qualifying flights submitted) (No qualifying flights submitted) (No qualifying flights submitted)