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1995 1-26 Association Sweepstakes Results

Nationwide, a total of 64 Sweepstakes flights were submitted for the 1995 Competition. The number 4 came up on the roll of the die, thus requiring 4 flights to be eligible. Final placings were determined by the sum of the 4 longest flights submitted.

5 flights were turned in by 2 competitors: (Kevin Ford, 2 flights, 286 miles) (Doug Haluza, 3 flights, 298 miles). Neither had 4 flights, therefore there are no winners in the East.

32 flights were turned in by 6 competitors. Ranked by the sum of their top four flights, the Silver Category winners were:

  1. James E. Hard - 722.62 miles
  2. Charles W. Shaw - 512.28 miles
  3. Kevin Ford - 509.76 miles

The other Central Division Silver Category competitor who submitted 4 or more flights was Kathleen Winters. Her top 4 flights totalled 426.84 miles. Winner in the Central Division Bronze Category with the required 4 flights was:

  1. Patrick L Tuckey - 280.49 miles

27 flights were turned in by 5 competitors. The Silver Category winners were:

  1. Garry Dickson - 550.20 miles
  2. Richard Gillock - 526.95 miles
  3. George Powell - 508.09 miles

The other West Division contender was Bob Hurni (4 flights, 323.69 miles). Although Del Blomquist flew 350.85 miles in 3 flights, he did not have the required 4 flights.

There were no Bronze Category competitors in the West Division.

Congratulations to the winners!

The purpose of the annual 1-26 Sweepstakes competition is to encourage safe, well-planned cross country flying in the Schweizer 1-26. All who fly this American Classic are encouraged to join the 1-26 Association and join in the fun.

From Tom Holloran