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Round Tail Roundup at Parowan

Round Tail Round Up at Parowan

In mid July, five round-tailed 1-26s rendezvoused for four days of cross-county fun flying from the Parowan, Utah airport.

Although it was not really a contest, Garry Dickson earned the title "Sky King" by making the two longest flights. On July 14th he flew "2x4" over 207 miles and the next day he flew from Parowan to Heber City, Utah, logging a 238.08 mile Sweepstakes flight.

Bob Hurni was Runner-up with a nice 150.92 mile flight on July 14th.

A good time was had by all.

The photo was taken by Lane Decker. The 5 aircraft pictured (from left to right) are:
#190 - Bob Hurni
#029 - George Powell
#050 - Lane Decker & Steve Whiting
#024 - Garry Dickson
#042 - Doug Levy

Pictured with the planes are:
Jim Armstrong, Bob Hurni, Greg Sperbeck, George Powell, Steve Whiting Jim Leary and Tom Hively.

We are planning to return to Parowan for more cross country flying on August 4th. If there are any 1-26ers who would like to join in the fun, please contact George Powell at (619) 267-7690.
John Templeton (435) 669-4544 will be available for towing.

Ah, yes . . .and square tails are welcome :-).

Happy Thermals!

Hawkeye, #029