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Annual Meeting 1-26 Association

1-26 Association Annual Meeting

Albuquerque Soaring Club

Moriarty, NM

June 25, 2009


Call to Order:


·         The Annual Meeting of the 1-26 Association was called to order at 1704 by Kevin Anderson, President.  Kevin opened by thanking the Albuquerque Soaring Club for their hard work and hospitality in hosting the contest.


Reading of Minutes:


·         The minutes were approved as read.


Old Business:


·         As proposed at last year’s meeting, Kevin noted that the 1-26 Newsletter has undergone a number of positive changes in the past year.  These include increased frequency and posting the newsletter on the members-only section of the website.


·         Bill Vickland reported that the 1-26 Honor Roll at the National Soaring Museum has been updated, but the exhibit is still in need of video footage from members.


Regional Reports:



·         Bill Vickland noted that he was appointed in 2008 to the National Soaring Museum Board of Trustees by SSA.

·         Bill reported that wave camps continue to be held at Petersburg, with altitudes of 16-17000 feet being reached.  Mid-Atlantic Soaring attempted to hold a regional, but had a no-contest due to conflicts with Camp David.

·         Bill discussed the presentation of a 1-26 Association Life Membership to Bill Schweizer.  Bill Vickland also provided details on the factory that Les Schweizer has set up to restore 2-33's.

·         Ron Schwartz reminded members that the Eastern Labor Day meet will be held in Blairstown, NJ, with practice on Friday and contest days on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

·         It was noted that 500 kilometer flights have been accomplished this year out of Blairstown as well as the Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee.  Ron congratulated Kevin Anderson on joining the 1-26 Honor Roll after his 500k flight in February.



·         No report



·         Bob Hurni reported that the safaris continue out of San Diego.


Financial Report:


General Report:

·         The general financial report was not available at the meeting; however a summary report was presented at a pilots' meeting two days later.  At this time, there is $16,471.17 in the General Fund.


Trust Funds:

·         Bob Hurni summarized the status of the Association's trust funds, noting $6,605.33 in the Cruce Education/Museum Trust, $6,007.70 in the General Fund Reserve.  The Life Trust total was approximately $40,000 as of 6/20/09.


Membership Report:

·         The membership report, compiled by Jo Shaw was reviewed.  The Association had a total of 452 members as of 6/15/09.  Since January of 2009, nineteen new members have joined, including one new life member.



·         Kevin Anderson described the ongoing dialogue with the IRS regarding the attempts to move the organization to 501c3 status.  The IRS appears to be reluctant to approve this change.


New Business:


·         Kevin announced that the 2010 1-26 Championships will be held at Bermuda High Soaring in Lancaster, South Carolina, during the first two weeks in June.  Tom Pressley has agreed to serve as scorer.

·         As there will be a special 1-26 edition of Soaring Magazine in November, attendees were encouraged to contribute articles and or photos for publication.

·         Members voted to contribute $1,000 to the Southwest Soaring Museum from the Educational Fund and $1,000 to the National Soaring Museum from the General Fund.


·         The floor was opened for officer nominations for 2010.  The following individuals were nominated:

            President                     Several nominations with none accepted by nominee

            Secretary-Treasurer     Susan Von Hellens (has agreed to assume office immediately

            Eastern VP                  Jim Angelou

            Central VP                  James Vickery

            Western VP                 Rob Stone



            Having no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1749.     


            Respectfully submitted by Tami Anderson