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1-26 Meeting

Annual Meeting 1-26 Association

Texas Soaring Association

Midlothian, TX

July 29, 2008


Call to Order:


The Annual Meeting of the 1-26 Association was called to order at 10:35 by Kevin Anderson, President.


Regional Reports:


East: Bill Vickland

            Bill reported on the successful Memorial Day meet in Blairstown.  He noted that a Labor Day meet may be held at Tidewater this year.  There will be a wave camp at Petersburg, West Virginia in October or November.  Several members of MASA took another safari to Hobbs earlier this summer, where they were greeted once again by Charles and Jo Shaw.

            Bill reported that the parts purchased by Les Schweizer include eighteen or nineteen 1-26s in various stages of disrepair.  Those interested should contact Les for further information.  Bill has 3 left wings which are repairable.

Kevin Anderson related that Diamonds are still available in the East, as he was one of several pilots, but the only 1-26, to obtain his Diamond there in March.


Central: Hank Claybourn - No report


West: Bob Hurni          

            Bob reported that the safaris out of San Diego continue to find strong conditions.  Contact George Powell or Gary Dickson for further information.


Financial Report:


General Report:

Kevin Anderson communicated key points from Beverly Beckwith’s preliminary report, noting that there is a balance of $17,246.61 in the general fund as of July.  There have been 164 renewals to date in 2008, with thirteen new members.  Beverly reported expenses of $1706.  Jeff Daye noted a number of merchandise receipts to be turned in to Bev.  A complete report will appear in the next newsletter.


Trust Funds:

Bob Hurni reported that the Cruce Fund contains $6,400 for education, with $4,400 designated for the National Soaring Museum.  Bob also reported on the current status of the Life Trust.  Kevin Anderson stated that Jeff Daye and Steve Graves have agreed serve to as trustees, replacing Del Blomquist and George Powell.

Bill Vickland noted that the money set aside for the National Soaring Museum could be used to create a kiosk in which kids can watch flights.  1-26 Association members would need to provide footage. 


New Business

Kevin Anderson provided an update on Bob Spielman’s donation of $10,000, stating that the organization is currently a 501(c)7 organization, in the process of becoming a 501(c)3.  This change will open up more possibilities for donations.

The Newsletter needs articles!   Craig Loomiller will attempt to increase to five times per year.

The 2008 Championships will be hosted by Albuquerque Soaring in Moriarty, NM on June 22nd-July 1st 2009.   Potential sites for 2010 include Bermuda High in S.C. and Mid-Atlantic Soaring in Fairfield, PA.  Kathy Williams briefly outlined details regarding flying out of Fairfield.

Neal Palmquist noted that he will soon move to China and offered his thanks to the organization.


The floor was opened for officer nominations for 2009.  The following individuals were nominated:                                

President                      Kevin Anderson

            Secretary-Treasurer      Beverly Beckwith

            Eastern VP                   Cal Tax, Bill Vickland

            Central VP                   Hank Claybourn (declined nomination)

            Western VP                 None at present



            Having no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:10.


Respectfully submitted by Sarah and Tami Anderson for Beverly Beckwith