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Annual Meeting 1-26 Association

Annual Meeting 1-26 Association

May 3, 2007

Chilhowee Gliderport, TN


                The Annual Meeting of the 1-26 Association was called to order at 15:33 by president, Norman Miller.  Approximately 45 members were in attendance, just shy of required quorum to conduct business.


                First order of business was the announcement and presentation of The Per Ardua Award for 2006 jointly to Kevin Ford for his work to automate Sweepstakes uploads to the Association Website and Jay McDaniel for a great deal of work on Sweepstakes entries in 2006.  The increase in participation in Sweepstakes increased exponentially last year when entries could be submitted electronically without paperwork. 


                Merchandise Manager, Jeff Daye, detailed items currently available.  Bonnie McAnerny Smith has donated quite a collection of Russ McAnerny’s soaring items, radio, varios, etc., to the Association.  Association Officers feel the most advantageous way to sell these items is through EBay auction.  Jeff will alert when this auction will begin.  The Association expressed it thanks for the work Jeff does.


                Newsletter editor, Craig Loomiller, said the April edition is in the mail.  Please submit articles for future editions – especially when asked!


                Craig and Secretary/Treasurer, Lisa Sergent, were thanked for their service this past year to the Association.


                Bill Vickland spoke about the National Soaring Museum (Elmira, NY)’s 1-26 Association exhibit in the Schweizer Gallery.  In addition to #700 on display, and information about the 1-26 Association and its awards, there is a new addition of a functional 1-26 cockpit simulator, most of which was donated by Pat DeNaples.  Bill would like to see added some interactive displays and asked for suggestions.


                Tom Tappan’s supply of 1-26s and parts have been sold to Wayne Harrison, 35 Church St., Lisle, NY 13797-2112.  Mr. Harrison is an Association member.


                President Norm Miller stated he will be relinquishing his Association office Jan. 1, 2008, and noted all officer positions will need filling at that date.  He will remain as Awards and Certificates Coordinator.  Please let the Association know, if you would like to serve!



                The whole assembled Association thanked Team Anderson (Tami, Kevin and Sarah) for their work to make the 2007 Championship an outstanding success.  Also Sarah Kelly for having a superb site and great organization.


                Kevin Ford briefly commented the automatic scoring for Sweepstakes can be done by anyone who can upload a flight log in .igc format to the Association web site’s Sweepstakes link.  It is quite a bit easier than trying to negotiate OLC for the first time.


                Bob Templin was thanked for help above and beyond the call – first helping with a trailer that had rolled, and then heroic crew effort to find a lost Ron Schwartz and glider 14 miles from  Parowan.


                There being no further comment, the meeting was adjourned at 16:09.


                                                Respectfully submitted,    Jo Shaw for Lisa Sergent