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Minutes from the 1-26 Association Annual Meeting Parowan, Utah, Thursday, June 29, 2006

Minutes from the 1-26 Association Annual Meeting Parowan, Utah, Thursday, June 29, 2006


The Annual Meeting of the 1-26 Association was called to order by president, Norm Miller, at 15:04 at the contest-meeting hangar at Parowan Airport.  Thirty members were present.


Mr. Miller began with a chronology of occurrences since the meeting last year at Moriarty.  He commended the outstanding sportsmanship of Steve Michalik for rectifying an inadvertent scoring error.


That 60 people voted in the November election was gratifying.  Mike Havener’s ability to conduct secure voting on the Association website seemed to be a large factor in the good response.


The Sweepstakes were substantially revised in December with collaboration between Mr. Miller, Charles Shaw, and others.  The Association hopes to have 200 Sweepstakes flights entered in 2006. Changes include email entry and inclusion of Championship flights.  2007 revision will include a Diamond category in addition to Gold, Silver & Bronze.


The most profound event of this past year was obtaining the talent of Craig Loomiller as Newsletter Editor.  There will be a proposed By-Law revision in November to authorize five Newsletters.


President Miller’s philosophy:  guiding the Association in the manner that the membership wishes. 


In February, revised 2006 Championship rules were ratified by the Association Executive Board.  They included a cap of 17,500 MSL altitude.  This addition caused considerable discussion.


President Miller noted that FAI hence SSA will soon (perhaps as soon as two years from now) require secure Flight Recorders for all badges and records.  It seems reasonable to expect the 1-26 Association will then also require secure (FAI approved) flight recorders for its Championship.


Summary of the Association financial report 1/1/06 to 6/21/06 shows income of $4,700 with 3/4th of the year’s members renewing during this period.  This figure does not include interest from the Life Membership Trust.  Expenditures were  $ 3,211.62, which included transfer of $900 to the Life Membership Trust and $1,100 for two Newsletter issues.


The 1-26 Association executive board is in the process of considering raising the Life Membership fee from current $300 to $426.


Next ensued a discussion about printing The 2006 and subsequent Logs.  Those in attendance had many excellent suggestions to reduce printing expenses.


President Miller next opened the floor for nominations for all Association officers for 2007.  Jo Shaw placed Norm Miller’s name in nomination for president.  Jonathan Leal placed Chip Johansen’s name for Eastern Division Vice-President.  Norm Miller asked for nominations for all offices especially Western Division Vice-President be sent to Association Secretary/Treasurer, Lisa Sergent.  Nominations are open until Oct. 10.


President Miller mentioned revision of “Sponsor Requirements for the Preparation and Conduct of a 1-26 Championships” is in the works.


As there were no additional business or discussion topics raised, the meeting adjourned at 15:45


Respectfully submitted,


Jo Shaw, Central V.P.

Acting for Lisa Sergent