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Notes regarding the July 5th 2005 126 Annual meeting1-26

Notes regarding the July 5th 2005 126 Annual meeting 1-26





Moriarty Contest day 6 was cancelled this date due to weather and all members present agreed to move up the annual meeting.  President called the meeting to order, the following are the highlights of the meetings business. Neal Palmquist kept notes.

All pilots and crews involved in the contest were in attendance.


 A reminder to everyone that the SSA convention would be held in Dallas next year and encouraged the 1-26 members present to attend. We plan to have another meeting at the convention to determine status on projects.


Bob Hurni for Lisa Sergeant reported on the financial status of the organization.


Norm Miller presented an Idea of increasing membership through current members sponsoring their local Nonmember 1-26 pilots.  At $15.00 a year, the current membership could make this affordable donation, and even if retention rates were 50% this could produce a significant increase in new members. In the next newsletter we will address a gift membership. This is for that 126 pilot you know at the club that is not a member. I feel that a $10 guest membership fee would get in a few new members. If only half of us do it we would get 100 new members.


Bill Vickland suggested reinstating the membership renewal letters as a means to encourage timely renewals and improve retention.


Craig Loomiller, has volunteered to take over as Newsletter Editor.  He has previous experience with other club newsletters.  “Way to go Craig!” We determined that a quarterly newsletter would be the new plan. Look for the first letter to come out in late Oct. 2005.


Kevin and Tammy Anderson have volunteered to update the Log information and Publishing.   “Yeah Kevin and Tammy!”


Norm Miller has requested Steve Graves work with Bob Hurni to Expand the club officers understanding of the organizations Finances.  Steve has recently retired from a corporate career in Banking Finance world and brings extensive knowledge and patience to your club leaders. This group will be made up of Bob Hurni, Steve Graves and Neal Palmquist.


Norm Miller has been soliciting suggestions that would improve our club communications, such as Web site enhancements, “blogging” and electronic newsletter archives, on line sweepstake postings etc..  Pete Vredenburg put forth a motion that the organization approve monetary expenditures toward these enhancements.  Bob von Hellens amended the motion to put a $500 cap.  The amended motion was 2nd by Bob Hurni and passed by the members present.


2006 Site of 1-26 Champs will be Parowan Utah, Tom Presssly showed photos of a recent contest at this site and discussion was had regarding the sites strengths and “Challenges”.   In addition to Oxygen, ELTs may be required. At the present time the managers are Del Blomquist and George Powell, Scorekeeper om Pressley and CD still waiting final approval Dick Mockler.


2007 Site of 1-26 Champs will likely by Chilhowee Tennessee.  Check out web site Kevin and Tammie will be helping with this contest.  Its their homebase.


Marvin Willis requested submittals for 1-26 Kicks to Soaring Magazine.

Kevin Ford talked about some of last years great 1-26 flights.


Bob Hurni talked of the Gila AZ. 1-26 Rendezvous six 1-26’s participated and a great Flying was had by all. Big Mammas Salad and Big Bowl of Chili is reason enough to consider adding this to your April flying next year.  If interested contact Bob Hurni for more details.


Pete Vredenburg  Thanked Kevin Ford for his great web site and Norm Miller for his leadership and support he provided during the planning for this years Moriarty Champs.


Bob Hurni made a motion and was 2nd by Pete Vredenburg that the president establish a Bylaws review committee, Motion was passed.  Norm Miller appointed Bill Vickland to head the committee other will be appointed in due time.


Motion was made that the meeting be closed and everyone broke up to enjoy the rest day.


Taks for 2005…  Hopefully to be completed for the Feb 2006 meeting if not sooner