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Meeting called to order at Texas Soaring Association clubhouse, Midlothian, Texas by President Bill Vickland.

Minutes of the 2003 Annual Meeting were read by Bob Hurni, recording for Secretary, Lisa Sergent. Minutes were approved as read.

The General Fund Financial Report was presented by President Vickland for Treasurer, Lisa Sergent. General fund assets were shown as $10,500 as of 5/11/04. Hurni commented that this was almost no change from the $11,000 reported in the 2003 minutes. It was noted that the book value of owned assets, mainly a notebook computer, had been reduced to zero. Also noted was that the 2004 LOG expenses would reduce the cash assets by about $2000. Hurni reported on Trust Fund accounts. Balance sheets in those accounts show Life Trust assets of $32,870. Current market value of investments inflate these assets to about $34,000. The Cruce Trust was reported at $5000 with $1280 in unrestricted funds and the remainder in National Soaring Museum project funds, approximately $3700. Soaring Museum project outlays to-date have totaled approximately $1300.

President Vickland reported on the National Soaring Museum project. Highlights of the report included the information that the 1-26 Association alcove included display of Serial Number 700 along with the special hanging plaques showing accomplishments of 1-26 pilots over the years. He was highly complimentary of the work that had been accomplished by the museum staff. He also described long-term plans to display the trophies of the Association and other artifacts. An additional project is to install a hands-on glider simulator in the museum using the cockpit portion of a 1-26 fuselage. That fuselage has been donated by Pat DeNaples.

Kevin Anderson, East Vice President, reported on the East Division activity. Larry Stahl has reactivated the Petersburg, West Virginia, Wave Camp, which is good news for those seeking altitude flights. Also, there is word of a wave camp in Marion, North Carolina. He also mentioned the ridge flying of Ron Schwartz. Jonathan Leal reported on the DIY (Do It Yourself) competitions in New Jersey with the involvement of 1-26 pilots. Ron Schwartz gave a pitch for the Blairstown Labor Day “Little Guys” meet with 2 practice days and three days of contesting scheduled.

Norm Miller and Michael Westbrook reported on Central Division activity. Specially noted was the increased Sweepstakes participation by the TSA 1-26’ers. It was also noted that the current Sweepstakes Chairman, Mitch Hudson, who is from the Central Division is resigning. A new chairman is needed. All are invited to participate in TSA Labor Day contest. It was also noted that the 2005 1-26 Championships would be in the Central Division again—this time in Moriarty, New Mexico. Pete Vredenberg outlined some of the activities and a promise of more super weather conditions. Everyone should make plans early for this event. Long-time 1-26’er, Carl Ekdahl, will be the Competition Director and Marty Hudson is the Contest Director. Tom Pressley assured us that he would again be on hand to the scoring.

Del Blomquist reported on the West Division. He noted the spectacular wave flights by West Vice President, Bob Spielman. He also noted the participation by 1-26 pilots in the International Online Contest. Doug Levy has put much support into this venue, along with many flights by he and others flying from the Warner Springs site. Much discussion followed. Goal Strike 2004 was completely blown out by winds, but flying continued later in the week in Bishop, CA, which included a Diamond Distance flight by Joedy Gregory. Plans for the annual 1-26 Parowan Safari were also mentioned, including something about catching a fish after landing in some obscure strip near Parowan. George Powell is offering a special reward for this accomplishment.

New Business:

Marvin Willis presented a motion to “Have the Executive Committee look into supporting soaring scholarship programs such as the SSA Mentor Program, the Kolstad Scholarships, WSPA, etc. Such support would include an understanding that recognition in some form would be given to the 1-26 Association.” Motion seconded by Pete Vredenberg. Motion passed.

Marvin Willis presented a motion as follows: “The 1-26 Association should hereby recognize Tom Pressley for his commitment to the 1-26 Championships as its Official Scorer by presenting Dr. Pressley with an Honorary Membership in the Association for as long as he desires to participate.” Motion was seconded by acclamation and so passed.

President Vickland opened the floor for nominations for 2005 with the understanding that nominations would remain open until October 1st, 2004. Nominations can be submitted to the Secretary at any time prior to the close of nominations on October 1. Nominations do not require a second, but must include an agreement by the nominee that he/she will serve if elected.

Nominations from the floor were:

President                               Norm Miller

Secretary/ Treasurer            Lisa Sergent

East Vice President              P. Jonathan Leal

Central Vice President         Neal Palmquist

West Vice President            Bob Spielman

Motion to adjourn the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Association was asked for by President Vickland. Motion accepted, seconded and passed.

Minutes recorded by Bob Hurni for Lisa Sergent, Secretary/Treasurer.