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Meeting called to order at 11:15 a.m. at Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Waynesville, Ohio by President Bill Vickland.

Minutes of the 2002 Annual Meeting were read by Secretary Bob Hurni, corrected, and approved.

Financial Report was presented by Treasurer Hurni. Total assets of the Association as presented by Hurni, including trust funds, are approximately $45,000. A breakdown shows General Fund assets of $11,000, Cruce Trust assets of $2000, and Life Trust assets of $31,000.

Old Business:

Educational Committee (Soaring Museum Project) reported on by Vickland:

                Project is currently in limbo as management at the museum has recently changed. The cost of 4 plaques being created by the museum is estimated at $1600. The plaques are:

                (1) 1-26 Association
                (2) 1-26 Honor Roll
                (3) 1-26 Champions
                (4) Claybourn Trophy Winners

Championships Site Selection Report:

2004 - Texas Soaring Association. Midlothian, Texas
2005 – Albuquerque Soaring Club, Moriarty, NM
2006 – Oklahoma City (tentative)

Del Blomquist reported on the west with special emphasis on the success of Goal Strike XI. He reported that Parowan Safari was scheduled for late July or August. He also reported on the activities of Doug Levy in his support of the On Line cross-country contest. 

Marvin Willis gave a Central Division report, which included recognition of the record flight attempts by the Shaw’s in Hobbs and an invitation on behalf of Contest Director Norm Miller to attend the 2004 Championships in Midlothian.

Kevin Anderson’s Eastern Division report included the possibility of a wave camp at Petersburg in October and a Labor Day invitation from Bermuda High. There was also mention of a wave camp in North Caroling being promoted by Jay Campbell.

Blairstown (Ron Schwartz) indicated that flying activity had been almost totally stifled by weather so far in 2003.

Bob Root reported that 8 1-26’s from Caesar Creek had attended a Ridge Soaring event. This is 29th year in a row that Caesar Creek has participated in this encampment.

Kevin Ford, Records Chairman, gave a records report.

Vickland gave a Sweepstakes report with special accolades for Mitch “The Sheriff” Hudson. The interest in this program can only mean good things in the future.

Vickland reported on the Sport Canopy project, which many are participating in. He indicated the cost for each installation is expected to be in the $475 range. He also reported that he is liquidating his parts inventory. He has a person in Virginia who is able to rebuild a 1-26 wing for approximately $1000.

Moving to nominations for officers for 2004 the following nominations were received at the meeting.

President:                               Bill Vickland
East Vice President:             Kevin Anderson
Central Vice President:        Norm Miller
West Vice President:           Bob Speilman

(After the meeting the nomination of Lisa Sergent for the position of Secretary/Treasurer was accepted).

Meeting adjourned at 12:34 p.m.