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Meeting called to order at 11:22 a.m. at Bullseye Field, Ellicott, Colorado, by President Bill Vickland.



Minutes of the 2001 Annual Meeting as prepared by Ron Schwartz were read by Secretary Bob Hurni.  Minutes were approved as read.


Financial Report was presented by Treasurer Hurni.  Total assets of the Association as presented by Hurni, including trust funds, are approximately $39,000.  A breakdown shows General Fund assets of $8,300, Cruce Trust assets of $1330, and Life Trust assets of $30,000 (less $2500 of investment losses as of 7/31/02).   Comments were made regarding the value of the merchandising program and said contribution to the financial health of the organization.


Moving to a period of New Business:


A motion was presented by Del Blomquist to allow aircraft flown by badge and record flyers to be included the “Spiffy” competition.  Motion seconded by Mick Westbrook.  Motion passed after discussion about the value of the award as it pertains to both the organization and to the Championships.


Without a presentation of a motion, Marvin Willis initiated a discussion regarding the need to use the Life Trust assets for the initiation of new educational and promotional programs.  Hurni offered a rebuttal argument based on the need to support the large Life Membership base and the possibility that removal of the Trust assets could impact the Regular Membership base by forcing large dues increases.  Hurni offered that another avenue for developing these programs was created by the establishment of the Marion Cruce Memorial Fund.  The first step should be to develop a viable funding procedure for that fund.  The current practice of the Treasurer is to move undesignated contributions to this fund on an irregular basis.  Other sources of funding might be the merchandising program or a fundraising campaign.  Irn Jousma added that such funds could be used to support a program such as the Ionia, Michigan, non-profit effort to bring youth into the sport.  That program is currently supporting 10 students and is in need of additional support.


A motion was presented by Susan Von Hellens to establish a committee to create a recommendation for funding of a scholarship and educational program.  The committee would be charged with presenting its findings to the 2003 Annual Meeting.  Motion seconded by George Powell.  Motion passed without further discussion.


Again without the presentation of a motion, discussion was initiated by Susan Von Hellens regarding the encouragement of WSPA participation in the 1-26 Championships and record camp.  After comments by Bob Von Hellens, Marty Hudson and Jayne Reid, consensus was that no formal action would be taken at this time, but that the participation by other groups, including WSPA and the World Class, would be promoted as opportunities are presented. 


Bill Vickland then presented, and initiated discussion on, the proposed 1-26 Association participation in the National Soaring Museum.  He presented the need for $4-6,000 for a significant 1-26 display to include interactive materials. Current plans are to have 1-26 SN 700 as the centerpiece of the display.  Also, consideration is being given to making the display a memorial to Marion Cruce because of his significant commitments to making the Association a viable entity in its early years.  Steve Michalik suggested that funding of such an educational activity should be included in the report of the Scholarship and Educational Committee, which was just established, appeared to include the scope of this proposal.


A motion was then placed on the floor by Pete Vredenberg to support the museum effort by voluntary contributions only.  Seconded by Bob Root. Ron Almquist then offered an amendment to the motion to allow the Board discretion in such funding.  Frank Reid seconded the amendment.  The amendment was then passed and the motion was passed as amended.


Irn Jousma presented a Rules Committee Report.  The emphasis of the report was to ensure that all requests for changes be submitted on paper.  Verbal change requests will not be considered.  Irn was commended by the Championships contestants for the remarkable success of the current set of rules.


Pete Vredenberg reported on a Weather Reporting  System that is looking for a home.  It was hoped that the Association website might be a possibility.  Pete will approach the Webmaster as to the viability of such a project.


Ron Schwartz, East Vice President, reported on Soaring magazines “Hangar Flying Project.”  This a new column, which is accepting 600-800 word, articles on any soaring-related subject.  Stories may be submitted:  Attn:  John Goode, Editor. 


George Powell reported on the success of the 2002 Goal Strike and the “Owens Valley” and “Parowan” Safaris.


Mick Westbrook, noting activities at TSA, reported on Larry Neal’s TSA Regatta, which encourages the 20 1-26s there to participate in cross-country activity.


Ron Schertz reported on the involvement in the Museum project, the Convention in 2003 at Dayton, and the Championships in 2003 at Caesar Creek.  Also, reported on were the Petersberg Wave Camp and the 4th Annual Labor Day Meet at Blairstown.  There were 15 pilots at the Labor Day meet, won by Kevin Anderson.  


Bill Vickland reported the passing of Al Dresner on June 30, just before the contest began.  It was also reported that both Kevin Cullis and Gordon Ewart were recovering from recent operations, which prevented their attendance at this Championships.


Moving in to a Period of Nominations, the following nominations were received and accepted at the meeting.  Nominations remain open through October 10 for all positions and should be submitted in writing to the Secretary. 




                Bill Vickland

West Vice President

                Mitch Hudson

East Vice President

                Kevin Anderson

Central Vice President

                Neal Palmquist

                Mick Westbrook


                No nominations from the floor


Meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.