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Last updated 06/24/98.

The GPS-LOG program has been developed with a non-competitive glider pilot in mind, but can be used in any situation that GPS position data are available for logging. Current position, speed, track on ground, distance and course to a waypoint destination as well as needed altitude are displayed in real time. A “moving map” display shows the path travelled as well as waypoints created in flight overlayed on a pregenerated map. A zoomed diplay mode designed for thermalling is usefull for centering thermals, observing drift and estimating wind aloft. Wind can be also obtained from straight flight data. Needed altitude can be corrected for winds and glider polar. The program has capability of saving data in IGC compatible format, display of coordinates in UTM, and supports for Delorme TRIPMATE GPS unit. The associated VIEW-MAP program is used to preview the maps one generates, and to display the path flown. The programs are designed to run on any DOS machine with a CGA (or better) display, but have been specifically designed for HP100LX (HP200LX) palmtop computer.

The latest version can now be downloaded from :



    and eventually from:


    The proper program version should be dated 6/20/98 or later.

    Happy flying,
    Henryk Birecki